The best hairstyles for women with thin hair.

The best hairstyles for women with thin hair.

When you have thin or fine hair, picking the right hairstyle feels a bit difficult. The good news is there are plenty of options to choose from, and to help you choose, we made a list of hairstyles for thin hair for you:


1. The blunt bob: perfect for thinner hair.

If you've got thin or fine hair and want it to look like you’ve got more volume, a blunt bob for thin hair is your go-to. This haircut for thin hair is made by cutting all your hair to one length, making thin hair look thicker. It’s super easy to style it, you can leave it worn straight or add a bit of wave with a curling iron (wavy bob).

For anyone looking for hairstyles for thin hair that are low-effort but high on style, the blunt bob definitely makes your thin hair look fuller.

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What's the Best Hairstyle for Really Thin Hair?

Consider a sleek, blunt cut bob or a playful pixie cut. These hairstyles are excellent because they can give your thin hair a more voluminous look without much effort. A straight-across blunt cut makes the bottom of your hair look denser, while a pixie cut adds a fun, voluminous touch up top.

If you're looking for a quick and easy fix, try a human hair bob wig. This option is amazing for keeping your natural hair protected and healthy and also gives you the option of having the hair of your dreams without much effort. 


2. Side swept bangs: adds more volume to fine hair.

Side-swept bangs are a sweet trick to frame your face and add a touch of volume. This style of swept bangs or wispy bangs work wonders for thin hair, as they give off the illusion of thicker hair without any heavy lifting.

You can match these bangs with any haircuts for thin hair, whether you have short or long hair. They're a simple yet effective way to change up your look.

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Quick tip: Incorporating small, cute braids into your thin hair can add texture and interest to your look. Braids can be used to create an undercut effect and add volume at the crown. 


3. The Shag Cut: a messy hairstyle that adds volume to thin hair.

For a messy look that screams cool, the shag cut is the right choice. This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair women made by adding choppy layers and texture, and it's perfect for turning fine or thin hair into a style statement.

This hairstyle adds volume and makes your finer hair look lively. Plus, it’s a great way to embrace your natural hair, whether it’s straight, wavy, or has natural curls.

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What's a Good Style for Thin Hair at the Top?


Celebrity Hairstylist Brandon Mayberry says: "The best hairstyles for thinning hair on top would be one with a little bit of volume, when the hair has volume it helps hide the scalp. Sleek styles will only make the hair look thinner/show more of the scalp."

"Lastly if all else fails I love lace human hair toppers! They sit either right on or directly behind your hairline and just add coverage to the top of the head, they’re amazing for people who are trying to blend extensions with thin hair and are probably one step away from trying a wig. If you get a human hair topper your colorist can color it to match your hair exactly."


4. The layered Haircut: the solution to thinning hair.

A layered haircut is a classic choice for adding depth and volume to thin hair. It’s one of those hairstyles for thin hair that can suit anyone, it helps to voluminze thinner hair by creating the appearance of long and thick hair.

Layers can make your thin hair look fuller.

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Are layers a no-go for thin hair?

Not at all! You just have to pick the right type of layer. Skip the choppy layers since they can make the ends of your finer hair look even thinner. Instead, opt for soft, subtle layers that add shape and movement. Layers can be your best friend- they just need to be the friendly, uplifting kind!

Another option without needing to cut your hair is clip-in hair extensions, you can add and customize these natural hair extensions to get some beautiful long layers.


5. The long textured bob: a great way to volumize thin hair.

The long, textured bob combines length with style, which makes it a great pick for thin hair.

This haircut brings in texture to help your thin hair appear thicker and fuller. It’s versatile enough to be styled with a round brush for smoothness or a curling iron for some waves, perfect for anyone looking to add volume to their fine, thin hair. 

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Should I keep my thin hair short or grow it long?

This question is like asking if coffee is better hot or cold—it really depends on your personal taste! Short hairstyles, like bobs or pixie cuts, often make thin hair look fuller because they remove the weight that pulls hair down. But if you love long hair, you can totally rock it by adding long, gentle layers to give it some body without making the ends look too thin.



Add more volume with clip-in hair extensions:

If you're looking to add more hair volume or add a bit of length to your thin hair without a big commitment, clip-in hair extensions could be just what you need. They're extremely easy to put in and take out on your own, which makes them perfect for both special events and daily wear.

Not only do they give you longer hair, but these hair extensions also come in all sorts of colors and styles, allowing you to match your hair color perfectly or even toss in some fun highlights. Think of it as a quick, easy way to get the voluminous hair you've been dreaming of.

Styling Thin Hair: A Few Tips.

  • Add volume right out from the shower: Look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners. A little volumizing mousse goes a long way when you're styling, especially if you flip your head upside down and give it a good blow-dry from the roots.

  • Texture, please: Spray in some hair texture spray to fake the look of thicker hair. Stay away from heavy products that can weigh your hair down.

  • Gentle with the heat: Too much heat styling can cause damage to thin hair. If you do use heat, protect your finer hair with a spray and keep it to a minimum.

  • Air dry your hair: Whenever you can, let your hair air dry. For a bit of a natural wave, try braiding your damp hair and letting it loose once it's dry.


If you have thinner hair or struggle with hair loss, there are many hairstyle options for thin hair: endless cool cuts, styles, hair extensions and wigs perfect for women wanting to give their fine hair a fuller hairstyle look.

Picking the right style for thin hair is all about making it look fuller and more vibrant. If you want to have a short hair life or you're a long hair lover, there's a perfect style that will get you the full look. With the right cut and a little bit of styling magic, you'll be amazed at how voluminous and lively your hair can look.


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