how to color hair extensions: a simple guide.

how to color hair extensions: a simple guide.

So, you've just got some human hair extensions, and you can't wait to experiment and try new colors with them. If you're wondering, "Can I dye my hair extensions?" the quick answer is yes! However, there are a few important things you should consider before coloring them.

Dyeing your hair extensions is a really fun project that can be done either by a professional or from your own bathroom.



First things first: human hair extensions are a must.

Before you even think about how to dye hair extensions, make sure your extensions are made of human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are not the best choice when it comes to dyeing - they don't handle dye well, and you could end up with a mess. If you're not sure, take a peek at the label or ask where you bought them from.

'Can I dye Irresistible Me human hair extensions?'

Irresistible Me human hair extensions can definitely be dyed at home to match your hair color or to add a pop of color to your hair.





1. Pick your color and get your dyeing supplies.

Before you start dyeing hair extensions, it's important to have all the right things ready.

First off, pick the color you love. It can be either a hair color that matches your natural hair or a bold color to get highlights. You'll want to grab your dye from a pro hair color line because the drugstore box dyes don't give you the option to pick the right developer for your extensions. Usually, a 10-volume developer or a demi-permanent color works best.

If you're new to dyeing hair extensions, maybe start with a small change in shade to keep them from getting damaged. And if you're thinking about going for something bold like platinum highlights or a super light blonde from dark hair extensions, it might be best to let the experts handle that so that you don't risk damaging your extensions.


Next, make sure to use gloves so you don't stain your hands, a plastic bowl and brush for mixing (you can find these at any beauty supply store), plastic wrap, a wide toothed comb to detangle, and a towel. Cover your space with tin foil to keep things clean and avoid pesky stains.


2. Wash your hair extensions.

Next, you will need to strip the hair extensions of any products or coatings so the dye goes on evenly. 

Wash your hair extensions to remove any pre-conditioned coatings or styling products, this step is important for getting even color absorption.

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a bit of shampoo to create a soapy mixture. Gently wash your hair extensions, avoiding tangling.

  • Once cleaned, air-dry the hair extensions completely and gently comb through them to remove any knots. Make sure to have the hair extensions on a flat surface, ready to be dyed. 


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3. Mixing the hair dye.

Follow the manufacturer's directions to mix your professional hair color and developer. For most hair dyes, you need to mix the color and developer in equal parts, and you'll usually need around 3–5 ounces of dye for your extensions. Be sure to have enough dye ready before you start so you don't run out midway. It's always better to have a bit more hair dye than not enough.

If you're going for a bold color, consider the watercolor method, which involves dipping the clip in hair extensions in a mixture of dye and water. This method is especially effective for achieving a vibrant, uniform color throughout. Applying hair dye to damp hair extensions can help the color distribute more evenly.


4. Do a strand test first.

Now you might be asking, 'how to dye extensions?' Before starting, make sure to do a test strand: add hair dye to a small section of the hair extensions and see how they react to the dye. It's an essential step to make sure you're happy with the final color outcome​.


5. Dye the hair extensions.

If you're happy with how the color turned out on the test strand, you can start adding the color to the hair extensions using the brush and spreading it evenly. Make sure to wear gloves when dyeing.

  • After the dye has had time to process, which usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes (but always check the specific dye manufacturer's instructions for exact times), you'll want to rinse the extensions in cold water.
  • Following the rinse, a good practice is to shampoo with a sulfate-free formula that's gentle on the human hair extensions and then apply a deep conditioner to reintroduce moisture that may have been lost during the dyeing process.

Air drying is recommended, or if you're in a hurry, use a blow-dryer on low heat until they're completely dry.


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Another method to dye your hair extensions is the Hot Water Method, which is pretty simple especially if you want to dye the hair a demi-permanent bold color:


Can you dye hair extensions while they are installed?

Another question frequently asked is, 'Can you dye hair extensions while they are installed?' The answer is no, it's generally not recommended to dye extensions while they're installed, as this can lead to uneven coloring and can potentially damage your natural hair. Removing the human hair extensions first allows for a more thorough and even application and protects your natural hair.



5. Style the hair extensions.

Once dry, you can style your human hair extensions as desired. Detangle them with a wide-tooth comb, and if you're using heat styling tools, ensure the hair extensions are completely dry and apply a heat protectant to maintain their integrity​​.



Dyeing the hair extensions darker vs. lighter.

If you're deciding if you want to dye hair extensions darker or lighter, you should know that dyeing the extensions a darker shade is the easiest option and can be achieved at home with no risk. Lightening or bleaching, on the other hand, is a more complicated process, and it can lead to damaging hair extensions.

If you want to have hair extensions in a lighter shade, you might want to consider purchasing human hair extensions in a lighter shade or consult with a professional stylist.


how to dye hair extensions



Caring for colored hair extensions.

After dyeing, treating your human hair extensions with care will prolong their lifespan and keep them looking vibrant. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, minimize heat styling, and store them properly to prevent tangling and damage.

Following these steps can help you achieve beautifully colored hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. If you're unsure about any step or want to ensure the best results, consider consulting with a professional stylist.


If you want to dye your hair extensions at home, then why not give it a try? Before you start, make sure the hair extensions you have are made of natural human hair, and make sure you're dyeing them a darker shade. By following the steps listed in this article, you should have results without damage. But if you're still unsure about starting this process, we recommend heading to a professional hair colorist.

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