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How to Clip in Hair Extensions

by Alice on January 31, 2020

Buying hair extensions might be intimidating for beginners: you’re not sure what type to get to blend in perfectly with your natural hair, what length and weight would work best, maybe you’re not even sure about what color is right for you. And if you figure all of that out, what about the installation process?

No need to panic as this in-depth how to clip in hair extensions guide will offer you all the information you need to help you choose and apply your clip in extensions correctly. 


You can also check the video above for simple instructions on how to install your clip-ins. It really shows how quick and easy the whole process is!

Clip-in hair extensions are the most versatile, convenient and easy to use extensions out there, as you can clip them in and out whenever you feel like for an instant change of look.

short hair to extensions before and after, hair extensions before and after, before and after extensions

They are commitment-free, super easy to care for and even easier to apply! A set of clip-ins usually has 7 to 11 clip in hair pieces, each with 1 to 4 sturdy clips to fasten all-around your head.

Attaching them to your hair is as simple as clipping them on and off!

short hair extensions before and after, clip in hair extensions for short hair before and after, clip in hair extensions before and after

STEP 0: Prepare

Before starting the installation process you need to prepare your workstation. This is what you need: 

how to use clip in hair, how to clip in hair extensions, how to use clip in hair extensions

STEP 1: Brush your hair

Prepare your own hair by brushing it thoroughly to get rid of any tangles. In case you just washed your hair, you may want to use some dry shampoo/volumizing mousse and/or hairspray on the roots so that the clip-ins have a better grip.

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STEP 2: Organize

Take out all the clip in hair extensions wefts and group them by size. This will be helpful once you start applying them because you’ll be able to see exactly what pieces go where. Brush them to avoid any knots.

how to curl hair extensions, how to put in hair extensions, how to curl extensions

STEP 3: Add the 3-clip weft

Part your hair horizontally at the nape of your neck, separate a thin section and put the rest of your hair up by using a hair clip. Take the 3 clip weft, brush it and clip it by securing the middle clip first, then the left and right one, as close as possible to your scalp. Always work your way up from the bottom

how to clip in hair extensions, how to apply clip in hair extensions, how to put in clip in hair extensions, how to use clip in hair

STEP 4: Add the 4-clip weft

Separate a new thin section of hair an inch above the first weft and once again clip the rest of your own hair up. Take the 4 clip weft next, carefully brush it and then clip it just like you did with the previous weft. Make sure you install it on the widest part of your head since this is the biggest weft in the set.

how to put hair extensions clip in yourself, how to use clip in hair extensions, short hair to extensions

STEP 5: Add another 3-clip weft

Section a new strand of hair, clip the rest of your hair back up and repeat step 3 by adding the second 3 clip weft at the back of your head.

After you complete this step all the bigger wefts will be clipped on so you will only have the 2 and 1 clip wefts left to install.

STEP 6: Add the 2-clip wefts

It’s time to move to the sides. The 2 clip wefts are designed to add volume to the sides for a full, natural look. Separate a thin section of hair on one side, brush the weft, open the clips and securely attach them as close as possible to your hairline. Do the same thing with the second 2 clip weft and repeat on the opposite side!

If you still have 2 clip wefts remaining (the 200 and 260 grams sets have 5 pieces of 2 clip wefts) add them either at the back of your hair (a bit lower then your crown) or on one of the sides.  

how to use clip in hair, how to put in clip in hair extensions, how to put in clip in extensions

STEP 7: Add the 1-clip wefts

The 1 clip wefts are great for adding volume on the sides or anywhere else you think is necessary. Separate a thin section of hair first, brush the weft, open the clips and attach the small 1 clip piece as close as possible to the roots. Repeat on the opposite side.

how to clip in hair extensions, how to use clip in hair, how to use clip in hair extensions, how to clip in extensions

STEP 8: Style the hair and extensions together

You’re now done with the installation process and ready to style the hair and make it blend flawlessly: gently brush all the hair together, check to make sure all the wefts are well hidden, make changes if necessary then style it by curling or straightening it, adding braids or whatever else you have in mind.

hair extensions before and after short to long, hair extensions before and after, clip in hair extensions for short hair before and after

Dont forget the mirror, it will let you know if all the wefts are in the right place so make sure to check the back wefts as well!

hair extensions before and after, clip in hair extensions before and after, how to use clip in hair extensions

Of course, there’s no right or wrong way when it comes to using clip in hair extensions as long as the blending is correctly done. Our how-to guide offers a general view of where each weft should be placed but it all depends on the shape of your head, the thickens, length, the texture of your hair, the look you want to achieve and so much more. Once you get familiar with the extensions, you’ll find your own way to make the best out of your new hair!

Some people don’t need to wear all the wefts in the set, others might add an extra Signature Weft for dramatic volume. You may want to get a different hair color than your natural one and create an Ombre look while others prefer dying the extensions to match their natural color to a tee (yes human hair extensions can be dyed!)

before and after extensions, clip in hair extensions before and after, how to put in hair extensions, how to use clip in hair

Pro Tip: Extensions for short hair

If your hair is short a quick trick that you can use, that also helps with blending, is to tie the shorter strands of hair from the nape of your head into a tiny bun - this gives the first weft some extra bounce and won't allow the short hairs strands to pock trough the long extensions in all the wrong places. 

how to apply clip in hair extensions, how to clip extensions, hair extensions before and after, before and after extensions

Pro Tip: Extensions for thin hair

In case you have thin hair choosing the right type of extensions is the most important part. Teasing your hair at the roots for extra volume and grip should always be on your mind. We definitely recommend a lighter set of clip in hair extensions for very fine, thin hair like our silicon-based Invisible line, which is specifically designed for fine hair.

thin hair extensions before and after, clip in hair extensions for thin hair before and after, how to put in clip in hair extensions for thin hair

Pro Tip: Extensions for long hair

Having long hair should never stop you from trying hair extensions especially if you want to add extra volume and also a bit more length. For long hair choose hair extensions that have consistent thickness from top to bottom (like the Royal Line) to make sure the transition from your ends to the extensions is seamless.

In case you just want to easily add more volume but no extra length, try the Single weft by itself and pop it in whenever you feel like going the extra mile, without the time hassle. 

long hair extensions before and after, professional hair extensions before and after, how to put in clip in hair extensions

Use our guide and tutorials as a base for getting acquainted with the clip-in hair extension realm, but don’t forget to have fun on the way by making the process your own!

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by IrresistibleMe on February 15, 2021

Patricia – Having short hair should not be a reason to stay away from clip ins, on the contrary!
Check out some useful before and after sessions with our clip in extensions here:
and read all about blending extensions with short/blunt haircuts here:
You’ll find all the information you need in order to make the perfect clip ins purchase ;)

by Patricia on February 15, 2021

I have shorter hair but trying to grow it out and would like to try the clips. Most of the before and after have longer hair than I do. Do they work with shorter hair? My hair is just above my shoulders.

by IrresistibleMe on January 27, 2021

SHEILA – If your order was placed with standard delivery, it should arrive within 3-6 business days after processing time. If the order is late, please contact out customer care team at and they will look into it! Thank you for your order!

by Sheila Van on January 27, 2021

I ordered my extensions how long does it take for them to arrive at my home

by IrresistibleMe on October 30, 2020

JENNIFER – All our extensions are 100% human remy hair, so they can be treated exactly like your natural hair. It is generally not advised to use bleach or harsh chemicals on your hair, but if done professionally and knowing the consequences, our extensions can be bleached as well!

by Jennifer Taylor on October 30, 2020

You say the extensions can be dyed….but can they be bleached?

by IrresistibleMe on September 01, 2020

Sarah Cross – All our extensions are 100% Human Remy Hair and they have been previously color treated in order to get the shades we offer. They have not been chemically treated otherwise, so they hold color perfectly well if you want to dye them so that they match your hair perfectly! Just remember that it is not advised to use bleach to lighten the color, it is always better to dye the extensions to a darker color to keep the hair from damage!

by Sarah Cross on September 01, 2020

just ordered a set, I have shoulder length hair and I dye it a lot, I understand this is human hair but some companies will process it in a way that makes it super shiny but won’t allow hair dye to take hold. Will I have the same issue with these?

by IrresistibleMe on August 07, 2020

Jennifer – if we got this right, you ordered two of our Signature Wefts? These are generally used to add some spontaneous volume for a special hairdo, like a pony or braids, you normally use a set that comes with hair pieces ranging from 1 clip wefts to the 4 clip one. All these different widths allow you to strategically place them so that you can cover your entire head and make the blend in naturally. In case you bought two of the 4-clip wefts, try to layer them so that they spread across your head and if needed, trim them a little so that they match your layered hair!

by Jennifer on August 05, 2020

I ordered 2 wefts of the classic and I can’t seem to make it look right my hair is layered so maybe that’s the issue but I’m irritated spending all this money and not enjoying them.

by IrresistibleMe on February 12, 2020

Emily – You don’t need to buy the wefts separately, the extensions come in sets and every set has a different number of wefts included (from 7 to 11 pieces).
The Royal and Classic lines include: 200 and 260 grams – 10 pieces; 140 grams – 8 pieces; 100 grams – 7 pieces.
The Invisible line includes: 200 and 260 grams – 11 pieces; 140 grams – 10 pieces; 100 grams – 9 pieces

by Emily on February 12, 2020

I’m a bit confused by the sheer number of clips, hope someone can help! Do I need to buy all those pieces separately or how does that work?

by IrresistibleMe on February 07, 2020

Catherine Lyn – One of the best things about clip in hair extensions is definitely the fact that they are comfortable to wear. If you properly put them in you will not even know they are there! The most important thing is to choose the right weight: if your hair is thin remember to buy a lighter set! Also if your scalp is very sensitive just clip the wefts a bit lower from your roots so that they have more room to move, they will feel more comfortable that way.

by Catherine Lyn on February 07, 2020

These before and after look amazing! I’m almost convinced to try some but my only concern is that I don’t know if they are comfortable to wear?

by IrresistibleMe on February 06, 2020

Tory – When we started writing this guide we really wanted to create something simple but extremely useful especially for first time users so we are beyond happy to hear we achieved that! Also we can guarantee that feeling overwhelmed as a first time user is totally normal, we’ve all been there!
When it comes to the order you install the extensions in, you have nothing to worry about. As long as the extensions feel and look great on your head you did a great job! Make the order your own and create something that feels right for you!

by Tory on February 06, 2020

This is such a useful guide, especially for first time users like me! When I first got my extensions, I honestly was at a lost, I was overwhelmed by the number of wefts (I wonder if this is a thing?). There is something that I do differently though, namely I always start clipping the big weft first; it just feels better on my head. Is that okay?

by IrresistibleMe on February 03, 2020

Samantha – Please don’t be stressed out by this! In some cases, it’s totally normal to have some extra
wefts, it actually happens more often then you may think!
Maybe you choose the wrong weight for your hair: if you have thin hair 100 or 140
grams may work better for you; 200 or 260 grams can be a bit much for fine hair. Also,
the size of your head is a factor: if you have a small head 10 wefts are way too much so
just use less.
But, if you really want to use all the wefts, a great way to do it is to stack the wefts on top
of each other (we only recommend clipping a maximum of 2 wefts together – more then
that and it will look bulky on your head).
The most important thing to remember when installing the extensions is to make it so that
it feels natural to you! Don’t worry if you have extra clips, as long as you feel and look
good, your method is perfect!

by Samantha on February 03, 2020

I tried this last night and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I have leftover clips!
Why? This is stressing me out!

by IrresistibleMe on February 03, 2020

Amanda H. – Clip in hair extensions are not designed to be worn overnight (not the case for tape-ins,
you can sleep with them without a problem). We recommend you take them our every
night; it’s really easy, they can be removed by simply unclipping them and gently sliding
them out. If you don’t take them off they will tangle and you may even end up pulling on
them in your sleep and that will not feel good!

by Amanda H. on February 03, 2020

Seriously loving this, real life saver but, now that I learned how to install them and
they look great (if I may say so myself!) my question is: can I sleep with them in? I don’t
want to destroy my work!


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