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How to use hair extensions for volume.

Did you know you can use hair extensions to add volume to your hair? Adding volume to your hair can drastically change your look, and hair extensions are a great tool for achieving that full, voluminous style — especially if you have fine hair or thinning hair.

Here's everything you need to know if you want to get that extra volume with hair extensions:


Hair Extensions for Volume: Which Type is Right for You?


1. Clip-in hair extensions.

These hair extensions are the best choice for anyone looking to get more hair volume temporarily. They come with small clips that easily attach to your own hair, which makes them simple to put in and take out by yourself.

Clip-in hair extensions can be worn on a daily basis, for a special occasion or just for a date night. 


How to apply clip-in hair extensions to get more volume:

  • Create sections in your hair where you want to add volume. 
  • Clip the hair extensions close to the root but not so tight that they pull or damage your natural hair. Start from the back and work your way to the sides.
  • Once the hair extensions are in place, you can style your hair as usual. You might want to curl or wave your natural hair along with the extensions to blend them seamlessly. 

Here's a video tutorial by @valentinaarjona - on how to apply and style clip in hair extensions for more volume:


The benefits of using clip-in hair extensions:

Compared to more permanent options, clip-in hair extensions are easy to use on a daily basis, less of an investment and don't require professional reapplication.

Also, when used correctly, clip-ins don't damage your natural hair, as they don’t require heat or adhesives that some other types of extensions do.




For more detailed information, make sure to check out our complete guide on: how to apply clip in hair extensions.


2. Tape-in hair extensions.

If you're looking for a semi-permanent solution to get more volume to your hair, tape-in hair extensions are the ideal choice, especially if you have thin hair.

These hair extensions consist of small wefts of hair attached to a sticky tape strip, which is then applied close to the root of your natural hair. 


How to apply tape-in hair extensions for volume:

Tape-ins are applied by sandwiching a section of your natural hair between two adhesive-lined wefts.

The application process is relatively quick, usually taking about an hour in a salon or a bit over an hour if applied at home and the results are seamless if done correctly:

  • Use the tail comb to section your hair and create a horizontal part across your scalp, about an inch from the nape of your neck. 

  • Select a thin slice of hair that matches the width of the tape weft. Carefully position the sticky side of the weft under the sectioned slice of your natural hair, pressing it close to the roots but not touching the scalp.

  • Leave at least a half-inch of natural hair between the rows to allow your hair to move naturally and to maintain scalp health. Once all the wefts are applied, you can cut or style your hair to blend the extensions naturally with your own hair. 

Here's a video tutorial by @makeupbytrinna applying her Irresistible Me tape-in hair extensions at home:

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    Once applied, tape-in extensions can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair growth and how well you maintain them.

    Tips to mantaining your hair extensions: To keep your extensions in good shape, avoid using heavy conditioners or oils near the adhesive strips, and brush gently to prevent pulling at the tapes.

    For more detailed information on how to apply tape-ins, please check out our complete guide on: how to apply tape-in hair extensions at home



    3. Volumizers and Toppers.

    These products are specifically designed to add volume at the crown and top of the head. This type of hair extension is ideal for women experiencing thinning hair.


    Irresistible Me Volumizers are simple weft hair extensions that effectively add volume where it's needed most and seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

    Irresistible Me Toppers are hair pieces designed to cover thinning areas on top of the head, giving volume and blending flawlessly with your natural hair for a fuller, natural look. 


    How to use hair toppers and volumizers:

    • Choose a volumizer or hair topper that matches your hair color and texture to ensure it blends well with your natural hair.

    • Volumizers and toppers usually come equipped with small clips that can be fastened onto your natural hair. Make sure they are clipped in securely, without pulling at your scalp or existing hair.

    • After attaching the clips, gently comb or style your natural hair together with the human hair topper or volumizer to integrate them seamlessly. This might include brushing and potentially styling with heat tools if the topper is made from human hair.

    Check out this video tutorial where @laurensrevenge demonstrates how to add a volumizer to her hair for both highlights and volume:
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        Because many hair toppers and volumizers are made from real human hair, they can be styled to match your look, whether that’s curling, straightening, or cutting them to blend perfectly.


        How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions.

        Choosing the right hair extensions for more volume depends on your hair type, lifestyle, and how much maintenance you're willing to do. Here are some tips:

        • Fine hair: Go for lightweight options such as clip-ins, tape-ins, or volumizers. These types are gentle on fine strands and less likely to cause damage due to their reduced weight and simpler application processes.

        • Thick hair: Choose clip-in hair extensions or volumizers. These products are designed to integrate with dense hair, and provide a natural look that complements the thickness of your original hair.

        • Short hair: If you have short hair, select shorter length extensions (such as: clip-ins or tape-ins) that can naturally blend with your current hairstyle to get more volume.

        • For thinning hair at the crown: Human hair toppers are ideal. They specifically target hair loss areas at the top of the head, providing coverage and volume where it is most needed. 

        If hair extensions aren't your thing, consider trying human hair wigs. These wigs already have volume and help protect your natural hair.


        How to style hair extensions for volume: styling tips.

        To make the most out of your volumizing hair extensions, consider the following styling tips:

        • Layer and blend: Make sure that the extensions are properly layered and blended with your own hair. This might require you to trim the extensions to make sure they mimic the natural fall of your hair.


        • Curl and texturize: Applying curls or waves to your hair along with the extensions can help integrate them more seamlessly. Use a curl-enhancing spray or mousse to add texture and hold.


        Using hair extensions to add volume can really change the way you look and feel. Whether you want to add just a bit of extra fullness or a dramatic increase in volume, choosing the right extensions will make a big difference.

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