hair trends: the rachel haircut.

hair trends: the rachel haircut.

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The 90's were a decade of iconic fashion, music, and hairstyles. One of the most popular and influential hair trends of that era was the Rachel haircut.

The Rachel haircut featured short to medium length hair with lots of layers, volume, and bounce.

If you want to recreate the 90s hairstyles today, you might think that you need to have long, thick, and healthy hair. But that’s not necessarily true. With the help of hair extensions, you can easily achieve the length, volume, and texture that you need to rock these retro looks.

Here are some tips on how to use hair extensions to create the 90's hairstyles:


the Rachel haircut with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can help you create the illusion of more layers by adding different lengths and thicknesses to your hair. You can use clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions depending on your preference.

The key is to choose high-quality hair extensions that match your hair color and texture. Check our article on how to put in hair extensions if you are new to hair extensions.

Here's a tutorial on how to create the Rachel haircut with hair extensions:



the 90's blowout with hair extensions.

The 90's blowout was all about creating big, bouncy curls that cascaded down the shoulders, giving off a glamorous and effortless vibe. 

However, if your hair is short, thin, or limp, you might not have enough length or volume to achieve this look. That’s why hair extensions are a great solution for creating a 90's blowout.

To create a 90s blowout with hair extensions, follow these steps:

  • Apply a heat protectant spray and a smoothing serum or oil to your damp hair. This will protect your hair from heat damage and reduce frizz.
  • Blow-dry your hair using a round brush and divide your hair into sections using claw clips. 
  • Attach your hair extensions according to the instructions of the type you chose. Make sure to blend them well with your natural hair and hide any clips.
  • Brush your hair with an electric brush and curl it at the ends toward the face, then put each section in rollers for a few minutes.
  • Finish by taking the rollers out and running your fingers through your hair.



Whether you choose the Rachel haircut, the 90s blowout, or any other 90s hairstyle, you can use hair extensions to enhance your look and express your personality. Have fun experimenting with different styles and colors, and don’t be afraid to unleash your inner 90s diva!

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