hair trends: curtain bangs.

hair trends: curtain bangs.

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Curtain bangs have been making a comeback in recent years, thanks to their versatility, low-maintenance, and flattering effect. But, what if you don’t want to cut your own hair to get curtain bangs? Don’t worry, you have some options! 

  • One option is to use hair extensions for bangs. These could be clip-in or tape-in hair extensions that you can attach to your natural hair to create the illusion of bangs. The best part is that you can remove them anytime you want, without any damage or commitment. Check out our article on how to achieve bangs with hair extensions.
  • Another option is to get a wig that already has bangs, or to get a 100% human hair wig to trim and achieve curtain bangs.


How to get curtain bangs without cutting your hair?


One of the benefits of curtain bangs is that you don’t have to cut your own hair to get them. You can use hair extensions for bangs to create the look without any commitment. 

To use hair extensions for bangs, make sure to follow this tutorial:


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If you are looking for a different solution to have curtain bangs, you might want to consider our vegan fiber wig with curtain bangs in 22". This wig is made from high-quality synthetic fiber that mimics the look and feel of human hair.


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What are Some of the Best Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for 2023?

Curtain bangs are compatible with almost any hairstyle, from short pixies to long layers. They can also complement any hair color, from natural hues to bold shades. Here are some of the best curtain bangs hairstyles for 2023 that you can try:


  • Bob with Curtain Bangs: Bob with curtain bangs screams 2023 and makes an excellent choice for both thick and fine hair. 

Images via Pinterest

You can achieve this look even if you don’t have a bob haircut, by using one of our bob wigs and customizing it with some gorgeous bangs. Our bob wigs are made of 100% human hair, so you can cut and style them as you wish. You can find a variety of colors and lengths of bob wigs on our website.


  • Wispy Curtain Bangs: Fine hair is not the reason to say no to curtain bangs. Some hairdressers use this kind of fringe to make thin hair look thicker, as window bangs give volume and texture at the front. 

 Images via Pinterest

  • Long Curtain Bangs: How to change your hairstyle without cutting your long hair short? Cut long curtain bangs. This type of fringe changes the image dramatically with almost no commitment, as you can grab it into a ponytail or a messy bun if you want to.

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  • Birkin Bangs: They are a type of blunt bangs that are short, wispy, and have sharp corners that frame the face. Birkin bangs are suitable for thin, straight hair, but can also be adapted to other textures. They are less heavy and more textured than regular blunt bangs, and they add a touch of flair and nostalgia to any look.

 Images via Pinterest

So, whether you want to try curtain bangs for a day, a week, or a month, you don’t have to cut your own hair to get them. You can use hair extensions for bangs, get a wig that already has a fringe, or trim a human hair wig to achieve bangs. All these options are easy, and fun. Which one would you prefer?

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