Best hairstyles for different face shapes.

Best hairstyles for different face shapes.

Have you ever walked into a salon with a Pinterest picture in hand, excited to get that perfect haircut that looks so effortless on someone else, only to find out it doesn't quite suit you the same way? It's crucial to realize that a hairstyle must match your face shape to achieve that desired effect. We're here to guide you in discovering the most flattering hairstyles for your face shape.


What is the Best Hairstyle for your face shape?


Determining your face shape.

You might be wondering, "What shape is my face?" It's easy to think our faces are just round or oval, but there's more to it. Look at your hairline, the width and length of your face, and your jawline to get a better idea.

  • A simple way to find out your face shape is to tie your hair back, grab a makeup pencil, and draw around the reflection of your face in the mirror. This outline will help you see if your face is long, oval, square, round, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped.
  • A nother method is to take a photo of yourself with your hair pulled back, print it, and trace the outline of your face to see which shape it most closely resembles​.

hairstyles for different face shapes , best hairstyles for different face shapes


Oval shaped face.

Oval faces can pull off almost any hairstyle, from blunt bobs to long, layered cuts. The goal is to avoid elongating the face, so consider styles that add volume and texture without dragging the face down. 

If you love the look of a bob but aren't ready to chop your hair, a bob wig is a great option to switch up your style without commitment. This way, you can experiment with volume and length, finding the perfect balance that highlights your oval face without any permanent changes.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , oval faceshape

Heart-Shaped Face.

For heart-shaped faces, make sure to balance the forehead and narrow chin. Styles that add width at the jawline, pixie cuts, long bangs, long bobs, and deep side parts work well. Avoid heavy bangs that might make the forehead seem wider. 

If you're into the long bob look but not quite ready to cut your hair, a long bob wig could be the perfect solution for you. It lets you try out a new style without any long-term commitment. This way, you get to play with different looks, adjusting the volume and length until you find just the right fit that flatters your oval face, all without having to cut your actual hair.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , heart shape face

Square shaped Face.

Square faces feature a prominent jawline. Soften this with layers or waves that start from the cheeks down. Long, soft bangs can also complement this face shape by softening the angular jawline.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , square shaped face

Round shaped Face.

The objective is to elongate round faces. High ponytails and layers that add structure can help achieve this illusion. Opt for styles that create angles and avoid ones that add width to the face.

If you're looking to give your ponytail a bit more volume, think about trying a ponytail extension. It's a simple way to make your ponytail fuller and more striking without much effort.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , round shaped face

Long shaped Face.

To make long faces appear more balanced, choose hairstyles that add width. Think about curls or waves that expand the face sideways. Avoid overly long styles that can make the face appear even longer.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , long shaped face

Diamond-Shaped Face.

Diamond faces should highlight their cheekbones with hairstyles that add volume at the sides. While most face shapes can pull off bangs with the right style, diamond faces should avoid heavy, rounded bangs that shorten the face, and heart-shaped faces should avoid straight-across bangs that accentuate the width of the forehead.

If you dont want to commit to bangs, you can try a wig with curtain bangs.

best hairstyles for different faceshapes , diamond shaped face

If you've figured out your face shape but aren't sure about a new haircut, try a human hair wig. This lets you freely change colors, styles, and lengths without committing. Also check our recent article on trendy hair colors.


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Hair texture.

When choosing a hairstyle, remember to consider not just your face shape but also your hair's natural texture and your lifestyle. Hairstyles that work with your natural texture will be easier to manage and look better throughout the day. 


curly hair.

If you have curly hair, let those curls fly! They add volume and soften your features, which is perfect if your face is more on the angular side. Curly hair can make square or heart-shaped faces look softer and can add a nice balance to long faces.




straight hair. 

For straight hair, a sleek look can really show off the shape of your face. If you have an oval or round face, straight hair can make your face look even more balanced. A short, sharp cut like a bob can make square and heart-shaped faces stand out in a good way.



wavy hair.

Wavy hair is very versatile. It can add a bit of body and movement, which is great for elongating long faces or adding some width to diamond-shaped faces. Layers can help keep wavy hair from getting too heavy and keep your waves looking nice and lively.




short and long hair.

Short hair, can really show off your face and is super easy to take care of. But if you're looking to switch up your look without waiting for your hair to grow out, clip-in hair extensions can be a fantastic option. They can add length for a temporary long-haired style or even just a bit of volume to enhance your current look.

Long hair gives you lots of options for different styles, whether you want to tie it back or let it loose. It can help square faces look softer and make round faces seem longer. And if you're someone with short to medium hair wanting to explore long hair styles, clip-in extensions can provide that length without the wait. Similarly, if your hair is long but lacks volume, adding a few pieces of hair extensions can create a more fuller look. 

clip in hair extensions 

Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can enhance your features and make you feel more confident. Experiment with different styles or consult with a hairstylist to find the perfect match for your face shape.

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