Hair Color Trends.

Hair Color Trends.

Discover the top hair color trends of 2024. In this article, you'll find some of the best hair colors that many influencers and celebrities are currently rocking.

It's important to understand how hair colors can complement skin tones when choosing the right shade for a change:

  • If you have cool skin tones, try colors like ash blonde, ash brown, expensive brunette or platinum blonde. These shades go well with the cool undertones in your skin.
  • If have warm skin tones, go for colors with a warm touch like  mocha balayage, dirty blonde, baby balayage or copper red.


Hair extensions and wigs.

If you're looking to add more volume and length to your hair without making a permanent change, clip-in hair extensions are a great choice. For those dealing with hair loss or thinning, hair toppers can help add fullness where needed. You can find the right color match by checking our color chart.

And if you're in the mood for a bold new look without coloring your natural hair, wigs are the best option for a temporary transformation. 



Top 7 Hair Color Trends to Try in 2024.


  • Buttery Blonde Highlights: For a sun-kissed, effortless vibe, buttery blonde highlights are making waves. Margot Robbie is an excellent example of this trend, with a dimensional blonde that perfectly describes the Barbie-inspired look. Her hair color, celebrated for the natural-looking glow and bright pop, has set a standard for the buttery blonde trend.

If your stylist isn't familiar with the term "buttery blonde highlights", you can ask for dirty blonde to achieve this trendy look.

buttery blonde highlights , hair color trends

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  • Toasted Pecan Red: If you're after a warm and inviting color, toasted pecan red is where it's at. This shade gives off cozy vibes and can make your hair look as inviting as a fireside chat on a chilly evening.

toasted pecan red , hair color trend

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  • Baby balayage: When you want to keep things sweet and delicate, baby balayage is the answer. This technique involves soft, hand-painted highlights that blend seamlessly with your natural color. It's all about adding a touch of brightness without going overboard.

To complement this sun-kissed look, a dirty blonde root melt or a teddy bear blonde balayage can add the same depth of this trendy look.

baby balayage

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  • Red velvet: Imagine the deep, velvety richness of red velvet cake, and you'll get the idea behind this shade. 

red velvet hair color

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  • Expensive Brunette: Expensive brunette is a rich, sophisticated shade that whispers luxury. This color trend is like wearing a tailored suit for your hair, making you look effortlessly chic.

If you want to add more depth to this beautiful color, consider trying a mocha balayage, which is similar but includes added highlights.

expensive Brunette

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  • Honey Brown: For a low maintenance option that doesn't sacrifice style, honey brown is the go to color. This creates a look of quiet luxury without the need for frequent salon visits. 

For those with cool skin tones, ash brown is a great alternative, as it's very similar to this color but with a cooler, more ashy tone.

honey brown hair color
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  • Cowboy Copper: As seen on runways and among beauty trends, cowboy copper is the standout shade for those looking to embrace a bold, warm undertone. This hue works beautifully across various skin tones, offering a vibrant yet natural look.

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Embracing Natural Hair.

2024 is all about hair colors that make you feel great, match your natural beauty, and let you express your own style. Subtle highlights, such as baby balayage or blonde highlights, are perfect for adding depth and dimension while keeping the overall shade close to your natural color. 

If you're not ready to say goodbye to your natural hair color but would like to experiment with different shades, consider trying a human hair wig. This wig can be dyed, trimmed, and styled to your liking, and you can change your look whenever you want.

It's all about having fun and feeling good in your skin (and hair!). So don't be afraid to experiment with colors until you find one that resonates with you.

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