10 hair extensions myths: debunked.

10 hair extensions myths: debunked.

We're here to bust some myths about hair extensions. If you're curious about trying them out for the first time, thinking about grabbing your first set, or looking to refresh your look but have been freaked out by some of the rumors flying around, this article is for you. 


Hair Extensions myth #1: "extensions cause permanent hair loss."

One of the most common fears is that wearing hair extensions can lead to permanent hair loss. The truth is, if applied and maintained correctly, hair extensions do not cause any damage to your hair follicles or roots.

Problems like hair thinning and hair loss, including traction alopecia, often are from extensions that are incorrectly applied, or worn for an excessively long period without breaks. To keep your hair healthy, choose semi-permanent hair extensions or clip-in extensions that allow your scalp to rest and avoid constant pressure on your hair follicles.


Hair Extensions myth #2: "all extensions damage your natural hair."

Not all hair extensions are created equal. The key to maintaining healthy hair while you wear hair extensions is choosing the right type for your hair type and ensuring they're applied correctly. Clip-ins are great for temporary fullness and are less likely to cause hair damage since they can be removed daily. 

Semi-permanent options like tape-ins, micro rings, and individual wefts can require professional application and maintenance but, when cared for properly, do not have to ruin your hair. Avoiding tight hairstyles and constant pulling can prevent hair thinning and loss.

Statistics show that about 40% of women experience hair thinning by the age of 35, so it would probably be a good idea to stay away from heat fusion hair extensions, skin weft hair extensions or micro-bead hair extensions if you noticed you’re starting to lose your hair.


Hair Extensions myth #3: "extensions prevent hair growth".

A lot of people get this wrong: hair extensions don't stop your hair from growing. They really don't affect your hair's natural growth cycle at all. Your hair will keep on growing at its usual pace, whether you're wearing hair extensions or not.

The trick is to make sure they're applied correctly and that you're careful not to put too much stress on your roots, since that could actually hurt your hair follicles.


Hair Extensions myth #4: "only those with thick hair can wear extensions."

Whether you have thin hair, fine hair, or are experiencing hair loss, there are hair extension alternatives suitable for you. The market offers a variety of extensions, from clip-ins to tape-ins, designed for different hair types without causing any damage or hair loss.

The key is to choose lightweight options that do not put excessive weight on your natural hair and to ensure they're applied in a way that distributes pressure evenly.


Hair Extensions myth #5: "extensions require harsh chemicals and styling tools".

Some hair extensions do need heat or chemicals to put them in place, but there are plenty of kinder choices out there. For example, clip-in extensions and some types of tape-ins can be applied without any hot tools or harsh chemicals, which is way better for keeping your hair healthy.

Going for extensions made from real human hair instead of synthetic fibers can give you a more natural look and cut down on the need for styling tools.


Hair Extensions Myth #6: "hair extensions are expensive".

You might think that getting hair extensions would be too expensive for your budget, but that's not the case at all. There was a time when only celebrities could afford hair extensions because they were so pricey. However, times have changed, and now getting high-quality hair extensions without paying a lot of money is totally possible.

Depending on the type and style of the hair extensions you want, the prices do vary, but you can definitely find affordable and high-quality hair extensions that are worth the investment. With proper care, these extensions can last a very long time, ensuring you get great value for your money. 

On top of that, you can always find great deals on our website so you can get the best quality of hair extensions on the market without spending all of your life savings!




    Hair Extensions Myth #7: "extensions won't match your hair".

    This is definitely not true. The trick is finding the right match and placing them in correctly. Hair extensions come in all sorts of colors, textures, and lengths

    If placed correctly, hair extensions can blend in perfectly, even with a short, blunt haircut.

    When you pick the right ones and maybe get a little trim or styling, they can blend seamlessly with your natural hair. It's all about the match!


    Hair Extensions Myth #8: "extensions are just for big events".

    You can wear hair extensions any day, any time. Sure, they're awesome for weddings or fancy parties, but who says you can't look fabulous on a regular Tuesday? High-quality hair extensions aren't hard to take care of and can be easily worn every day, even during workouts.

    There are so many types of hair extensions – perfect for everyday wear, making your hair look fuller and longer whenever you feel like it.


    Hair Extensions Myth #9: "hair extensions will look fake".

    If you think extensions will look fake, you might not have seen good ones yet. High-quality extensions, especially those made from real hair, can look totally natural. It's all about choosing the right type and having them installed correctly.

    Irresistible Me hair extensions, made from real human hair, give you a natural look and are some of the most affordable clip-ins available without compromising on quality.

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    Hair Extensions Myth #10: "hair extensions are painful to wear".

    If your extensions are causing pain, something is wrong. Properly applied extensions should feel comfortable and not cause any discomfort. Discomfort usually means that the extensions are too tight, incorrectly applied, or too heavy for your natural hair.

    Hair extensions do not cause hair loss, hair thinning, or damage your natural hair if you choose the right type of extension, and maintain a healthy hair care routine. It's important to give your hair a break between applications and if needed, seek professional help for application and removal to prevent any potential damage.

    If you’ve read through this article, you know by now that clip-in hair extensions are risk-free, but if you have any more questions, you can reach out to our hair experts at help@irresistibleme.com and they will assist you with answers and help you choose the perfect hair extensions for you!

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