How to get wavy hair: a step-by-step guide.

How to get wavy hair: a step-by-step guide.

Getting wavy hair at home is actually easier than it looks. Even if you have straight hair, or you're just looking to give your natural curls a different look, these beautiful beachy waves are easy to get with some simple methods and affordable products, such as sea salt spray and heat protectant spray.


1. Start by preparing your hair.

The first step to every successful hairstyle is to have your hair prepared. And here's how: begin with damp hair, freshly washed with a shampoo for your hair type. This way, your hair is clean and manageable.

A good hair mask or conditioner can help hydrate your hair, which makes it easier to style into those natural-looking waves. Also, using a leave-in conditioner for curly hair can keep your curls well-hydrated and easier to manage. 

 You can still get long wavy hair even if your hair is short.

If you have short hair but want to get long, wavy hair, you can use human hair clip-in hair extensions to add that extra length and volume your hair needs.

For those who don’t mind using heat, always put on a heat protectant spray first to avoid damaging your hair and your extensions. You can also create waves with a curling iron or straightener, just make sure to wear the hair extensions when styling them, to blend them well with your natural hair for a seamless look.

Also, make sure to avoid heat and not sleep with the extensions if you choose the no-heat method.  


2. Choose your method.


How to get wavy hair: the heatless method.

If you want to get wavy hair without using hot tools, these methods might be the best ones for achieving gorgeous waves:


  • Braiding: If you’re aiming for a natural wave without heat, braid your damp hair before you go to bed. The size of your braids can change the look, from tight curls to loose, beachy waves. This method works great for all hair lengths and types. Sleeping with your braids overnight is a great way to wake up with natural waves.

  • Twist into buns: Another effective method is to twist your damp hair into one or more buns, securing them with hair ties. This method is excellent for achieving bouncy waves without heat. Let your hair air dry, then release the buns to reveal your wavy hair.


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  • Sea salt spray: Another method to get beach waves is to apply sea salt spray to damp hair, and gently scrunch your hair from the ends upwards to to get the wavy texture as it air dries. This method is easy and avoids heat damage.

Here's a short tutorial made by Life of Julie on how to do these waves using sea salt spray:


How to get wavy hair: using hot tools.

If you're in a hurry or want more defined waves, heat tools can come to the rescue. Remember to apply a heat protectant spray first to protect your healthy hair from damage.

  • Curling Iron/Wand: Use a curling iron or wand to wrap sections of your dry hair around the barrel. Leave the ends out for that beachy wave look. Alternating the direction of the curls creates more natural waves


  • Blow Dryer: If you like beginning with damp hair, a blow dryer fitted with a diffuser attachment is an amazing option. This tool helps create those relaxed wavy curls while gently drying them. The diffuser spreads out the airflow, so instead of blasting your hair with intense heat, it dries softly, which helps reduce frizz and define natural curls and waves. For the best results, tilt your head sideways or upside down while drying to add volume.

3. Mantain your wavy hair.

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To set your waves and add texture:

  • Hair Spray: To help maintain your beachy waves, using a light hair spray is your best friend. Choose one that’s specifically designed to provide a flexible hold - this means it'll help your waves stay put without making your hair feel crunchy or heavy. After styling your wavy hair, hold the hair spray about a foot away from your head and gently mist over your hair. 

  • Dry Shampoo: Apply dry shampoo at the roots to refresh your waves and add lift. For days when you’re skipping the wash, dry shampoo is a lifesaver for lifting the roots and reviving your wavy hairstyle. Before bed, lightly twist your hair into a loose braid or a high ponytail to preserve your waves for the next day, reducing the need for frequent styling.

If you want to protect your hair but still have a hairstyle with wavy curls, use a human hair or a vegan fiber wig. Explore our collection here to find the wig of your dreams! This way, you can switch up your style whenever you like, all while giving your natural hair a break from heat and styling.



With these simple methods, you can achieve beautiful wavy hair at home or at the beach and no matter your hair type or length. Wavy sexy and effortless hair is in, and the best part is that this hairstyle is extremely simple to achieve and to maintain. Have you tried any of these methods?

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