Top 5 Protective Braided Hairstyles to Wear This Year.

Top 5 Protective Braided Hairstyles to Wear This Year.

There are many benefits to getting protective braided hairstyles. First off, these braids are a protective style, so it gives your natural hair a break from the damage that can be caused from heat and every day manipulation of your strands. 

Protective braided hairstyles are definitely going to be in this summer, and if you haven't tried any yet, or don't know what to choose, this article will help you find the hairstyle that you would like to try the most. 

1. Box Braids.

Box braids are a protective style created by sectioning hair into square or rectangular parts and braiding each section from the scalp down. These braids are popular for their neat look and easy maintenance.

You can always customize the length and thickness to match your personal style. If you feel fancy, you can always add some gold beads to really make your box braids a statement.


box braids

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2. Cornrow Braids.

Cornrows are tightly braided rows of hair that lay flat against the scalp. These braids can be styled in straight lines or detailed patterns, which offer both a functional and artistic way to style hair. 

You can keep these braids simple or dress them up with complex designs like swirls or a crown braid. These braids stay tight to your head and can look either bold or low-key, depending on your mood. Cornrows braids are a go-to for a reason. 

Best of all, they’ll look good for weeks with minimal effort.

Cornrow Braids

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You can also easily change your look by wearing a wig over protective braided hairstyles.

Here’s how to do it: First, ensure your braids are flat against your scalp and securely pinned to create a smooth base. A wig cap can be useful to keep everything neat. Next, carefully position the wig on your head, adjusting it for a snug yet comfortable fit and make sure to align the wig with your natural hairline.

Here's a video tutorial made by @empajonate on applying a wig over a protective hairstyle:

3. Micro Braids.

If you're looking for a refined look, micro braids are your go-to. These small, lightweight braids give you flexibility to wear your hair down or style it up however you like — some ideas would be to try: braided ponytail or chic buns.

Although they take some time to put in, the effort pays off with their versatile and delicate look, making all that patience totally worth it!

micro braids, braided hairstyles

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4. Knotless Braids.

Knotless braids are the latest trend, and they're a comfortable choice because they don't hurt when installed. They begin with your natural hair and slowly add more braiding hair, which makes them blend smoothly without pulling tightly on your scalp.

This method is not only comfortable but also lets your hair grow naturally without any stress.

Knotless Braids

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5. Stitch braids.

Stitch braids offer a fresh take on traditional braids with their precise, neat lines that can be worn in both large sections or finer strands, making them a perfect choice for both short hair and long hair. 

Stitch braids

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So, why should you go for protective braided hairstyles?

Braids are not just visually striking — they also protect your hair from any environmental damage and also reduce the need for frequent styling that can lead to wear and tear.

braided hairstyles

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Styling Tips.

To keep your braids looking great, use light oils to care for your scalp and wash your braids gently every few weeks. Also, make sure to wrap your hair at night with a silk bonnet to avoid frizz and keep your edges tidy.

Protective hairstyles are more than just attractive—they're a part of heritage, offer protection for your hair, and let you make a personal style statement. These braids allow you to honor your culture while showing off your own style.

braided hairstyles



If you have short hair, adding a set of hair extensions is always the best option. Extensions offer not only added length and volume but also the opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles that may be difficult to achieve with shorter hair alone.

Here's a video tutorial by @debyoscar on how to add clip in hair extensions to hide cornrow braids:

 Also, if you're looking to switch it up to straight hair, clip-in hair extensions can be like your hero. They stay clipped to your cornrow braids and blend seamlessly, looking just like your own hair.

Here's a video by @damnnearperfecttt on how to master this hair trick: 


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These amazing braided hairstyles not only look absolutely stunning but also help keep your hair healthy and well-managed. This means you essentially get the best of both worlds. Plus, you don't need to have long hair to enjoy these braids, you can always experiment with hair extensions and wigs.


Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off. 

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