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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

by Alice on July 20, 2020

Hair extensions are amazing if you want a quick transformation for a special occasion or when you need a complete change of look overnight. What they are also great for is helping you go from short hair to long locks, while you’re growing out your hair or just feel like juggling between long and short.

If you have a short, blunt haircut, you might find it a little challenging to go from short hair to extensions, and blending your human hair extensions seamlessly with the rest of your hair can seem tough. The truth is that adding extensions to short hair is a really easy process so just scroll down for a step by step guide on how to put in hair extensions in short hair.

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Before adding extensions in short hair please take into consideration the following:


  • Your natural hair should be at least 3-4 inches long before you start to clip in extensions in short hair because you need to apply the clip ins right under your hairline, so you need to be able to cover them with your hair and avoid them peeking out.
  • When you’re looking for the best set of clip in hair extensions for short hair, make sure to pick the right color, as this is an important step in getting perfect blending. If you can’t find the exact shade as your own hair, buy a lighter one and then dye it to match your hair color.
  • Another very important aspect when looking for the best hair extensions for short hair is their weight. Even if your natural hair isn’t very thick, the real human hair extensions set you want to buy has to be at least a bit heavier then your own hair. Getting the thickest extensions will help mask your blunt ends and make the transition from your short hair to the longer pieces of the extensions as smooth as possible, virtually unnoticeable.

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Now that you found the best hair extensions for very short hair, here are a few basic tips on how to hide extensions in very short hair.


Braid the bottom layer of your hair

Before you clip in extensions in short hair, we recommend you to first pin the hair from the nape of your neck away. This is a great way to hide the shorter pieces that always seem to pock trough the natural hair clip ins if they remain loose. To do this just section off the lower part of your hair and braid it, then pin it with some bobby pins. This is where you will clip the first human hair extensions weft from your set. 

how to put in hair extensions in short hair, how to hide extensions in very short hair, how to put extensions in short hair

Style the extensions beforehand

It’s a good idea to style your clip in natural hair extensions before you apply them. If you normally wear a curl, just use a curling iron to give all the human hair wefts a little texture, or if you prefer them straight, use a flat iron to straighten them. If you do this beforehand once applied, each weft will match the style of your natural hair and will blend in faster.

how to hide short hair under extensions, how to make extensions look real in short hair, clip in extensions in short hair

Figure out the placement of the wefts

Each person is different so when it comes to weft placement you need to find out what works best for you. Always make sure that the hairpieces for short hair have a secure hold so tease your roots and apply a bit of texture hair spray to keep them intact. Normally, we suggest starting with the 3 clip wefts at the bottom and then move on to the 4 clip weft that usually works best in line with your ears.

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Use the smaller hair extensions wefts to add volume to the sides. The key to blending clip in extensions in short hair is to strategically place the wefts so that they look natural and cover as much of your natural short hair as possible with the extensions. This means that the hair extensions for short hair will be placed a bit higher on your head than usual but that is totally fine. As long as you leave enough of your own hair on top to cover the wefts you should be fine. You also need to style all the hair together, so that the blunt ends mix nicely with the longer strands of hair.

how to hide extensions in very short hair, how to put in hair extensions in short hair, how to put extensions in short hair

If you followed the steps above, you should be able to rock your long hairdo without anyone noticing you are wearing extensions for short hair! When it comes to wearing clip in hair extensions for short hair there are many tricks you can use to get them to look seamless. Here are some of the most common:

hair extensions before and after short to long, clip in extensions in short hair, hair extensions for very short hair


  • Consider trimming and layering the human hair extensions - this will help a lot with blending. In case you’re not comfortable with cutting the clip in human hair extensions yourself, make an appointment at your favorite salon, and have an expert trim them to perfectly match your hair.

how to put extensions in short hair, how to hide short hair under extensions, how to put extensions in very short hair


  • Finish off the look with a serum - make sure all the hair is smooth and silky and that no short ends stick out. Apply argan or coconut oil to your hair but make sure not to overdo it, as you do not want a slimy finish!

how to use hair extensions for short hair, how to add extensions to short hair, how to install clip in hair extensions for short hair

We all have been through bad haircuts or that awkward stage of growing out our hair where we don’t feel like showing it off to anybody. Clip in hair extensions will help you camouflage any bad haircut and help you get beautiful long locks instantly. Nothing is impossible, so start enjoying hair extensions and their power to transform any look in no time!

by IrresistibleMe on December 08, 2020

ABBY – As always with short hair and bad haircuts, the best way to get seamless blending with the extensions is to apply the thickest ones. That will ensure that the shorter hairs will get lost in the thickness of the extensions and that no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing clip-ins!

by Abby Tracy on December 08, 2020

I have thin hair and got a very bad cut recently. What clip ins would you recommend?

by IrresistibleMe on October 20, 2020

LISA – It depends on how short your hair is and how drastic you want the change to be once you add the extensions. Keep in mind that shorter hair normally blends harder with long extensions, so the smaller the difference, the better the result!

by Lisa on October 14, 2020

What’s the best length to get for short hair 14in 16in or 18 ?

by IrresistibleMe on August 07, 2020

ANNAMARIA – If you don’t feel comfortable with trimming the extensions yourself, just take them to your favorite salon and have your hairstylist cut them for you. He’ll know precisely how much and where to trim them so that they match your hair perfectly!

by Annamaria on August 07, 2020

I’m so afraid to get the scissors and trim my extensions! What if I make a wrong move?!

by IrresistibleMe on August 05, 2020

CARLA – In case you cannot braid the bottom layer of your hair, just use two wefts at a close distance from each other, to make sure you add the right amount of hair in order to mask the back of your head and to give the final outcome a natural, layered look.

by Carla on August 05, 2020

My hair is very thick and short, so I cannot braid the back. How can I make sure to cover it perfectly with the extensions?

by IrresistibleMe on July 31, 2020

CLARISSA – The best extensions to blend with a blunt haircut are the thicker ones, in our case – the Royal collection. With the wefts being so full, you can easily mask the short hair by thoroughly brushing it alongside the extensions!

by Clarissa on July 31, 2020

What is the best line to get in order to blend it in better with my short, blunt haircut?


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