best halloween wigs and hairstyles.

best halloween wigs and hairstyles.

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Halloween is the one night a year where you can transform into anyone or anything you desire. And what's a transformation without the perfect hair? This year, we’ve got you covered with a variety of Halloween wigs and other hairpieces that will complete your look. 

kim makeover.

Step into the stylish shoes of Kim Kardashian with our vegan fiber heatless wave wigs 24"light blonde, ideal for recreating her iconic blonde look. Pair it with a stylish outfit, and you're ready to party!
Blonde wig styled for a Kim Kardashian inspired Halloween makeover


disney princess makeover.

Unleash your inner warrior princess with our vegan fiber wig 32" ginger, styled with mesmerizing mermaid waves. Step into the brave character of Merida, the fearless Disney princess.

Ginger wig with mermaid waves for a Disney Princess Merida inspired Halloween makeover


fairytale mermaid makeover.

Our vegan fiber mermaid waves wig 32" hot red is your ticket to a magical realm this Halloween. This wig is perfect for a Disney-inspired mermaid look.


Ginger wig with mermaid waves for a Disney Princess Merida inspired Halloween makeover


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ariana's ponytail hairstyle.

Swing into Halloween with the high, straight ponytail that Ariana Grande has made iconic. Our vegan fiber long straight ponytail is perfect for those looking to recreate the pop sensation's sleek, stylish look.

Long straight ponytail wig for an Ariana Grande inspired Halloween hairstyle


signature doll ponytail.

Transform into the ultimate doll with our Barbie-like vegan fiber flipped ends ponytail. This look is playful, fun, and perfect for those looking to bring a touch of nostalgia to the Halloween festivities.

Flipped ends ponytail wig for a Barbie-like doll inspired Halloween hairstyle

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pamela's messy bun.

Embrace the effortless chic look with our messy bun pieces, perfect for a Pamela Anderson-inspired makeover. This look is easy to achieve and sure to turn heads.



Ready to rock one (or more) of these fabulous Halloween hairstyles? Create unforgettable memories with a playful makeover with Irresistible Me. 

And, why stop at Halloween? Our collection is versatile enough for normal wear and costume parties year-round. 

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