the difference between classic and invisible hair extensions.

the difference between classic and invisible hair extensions.

If you are just discovering the world of clip in hair extensions but you're having a hard time understanding the differences between the most common types of clip-ins, then this in-depth guide is here to help you. We hope that after you read it, you will have all the information you need to help you easily navigate the world of natural clip in hair extensions.

Although there are a number of similarities between the Classic and the Invisible clip in hair extensions, the main difference is the base of the extensions. The Classic sets have a stitched fabric band while the Invisible extensions have a thin silicone one. The silicone seam is 50% thinner than the textile band of the classic hair extensions

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Irresistible Me carries different types of clip-in hair extensionsClassicSingle Weft, and Invisible. The Classic set work for most needs - be it that you want to add volume and/or length to your hair, while the Invisible/Seamless clip-ins are great for thin, fine, oily hair.


The Classic extensions work great with medium-thick hair, for a casual and affordable look. The Classic sets have tapered ends just like your own hair and will offer a bit more volume to the base of the scalp. They work great if you plan to use them for ponytails or updos too. They are also the best choice if you plan to dye them, as the fabric base holds the color perfectly.

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The Volumizer Weft was designed for extra volume and consists of one super-thick 4-clip weft. The Volumizer  is double drawn meaning the thickness is consistent from top to bottom. In case you already have thick, long locks but you need just a bit more volume for some elaborate looks like braids and updos, this weft is for you. 

Please keep in mind that while the Single Weft is amazing for a boost of volume it is not a full set of extensions and will not be enough for a full look. 

The Invisible line is perfect for people with thin, fine, oily hair who are looking for a completely natural look. The thickness is consistent from top to bottom and thanks to the innovative silicon base that also offers extra comfort they are impossible to detect once they are applied. This makes them perfect not only for thin-haired people but for all hair types. They are extremely lightweight, so they won't put any pressure on your scalp.

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When choosing your perfect set of extensions please keep in mind that the Invisible line does not include the Volumizer Weft. This does not mean that the sets are thinner or have less hair. 

The silicon base of the Invisible line is very slim, so there is no way to layer 4 tracks of hair on top of each other to create the Volumizer weft. Instead, the weight of the Single Weft is redistributed between the other wefts, so you have the same amount of hair as in the Classic sets, but with a slender base!

If after reading this article you are still in doubt about what type of hair extensions to get, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at and they will help you make the best choice.


I have very thin hair I really would love to try hair Extensions but don’t know how to used them. So I don’t know which ones to choose the invisible. Or Tapered one . Cause my hair is so thin I don’t want them to be see-through my hair. So if you could please help me choose.


JOHANNA – Please send an e-mail to our team at and tell them that you need help with matching the extensions to your hair. They will help you get the perfect shade either via e-mail or by sending you a color ring!


I live in Guadalajara México, do you ship here? And how do I know my exact color?


CAROLINA – The Invisible line is perfect for people with thin hair, because the base of the extensions is super lightweight and will not show through your natural hair. If you feel like a adding extra volume to your hair, get a thicker set and use all the wefts (which normally would be too many to cover a full head) and clip some on top of each other before installing them in your hair. That will boost the volume without looking unnatural!


My hair is thin, but I really want to add some serious volume to it. Will the Invisible set be enough?


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