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What is the Difference Between Classic, Royal and Invisible Hair Extensions?

by Alice on April 27, 2020

If you are just discovering the world of clip in hair extensions but you're having a hard time understanding the differences between the most common types of clip-ins, then this in-depth guide is here to help you. We hope that after you read it, you will have all the information you need to help you easily navigate the world of natural clip in hair extensions.

what is the difference between classic, royal and invisible hair extensions, different types of natural hair extensions

The article will focus on the comparison between Classic Clip-Ins, Royal Clip-Ins and Invisible Clip-Ins. Although there are a number of similarities between the Classic, Royal, and the Seamless clip in hair extensions, the main difference is the base of the extensions.

The Classic and Royal sets have a fabric or stitch base while the Invisible extensions have a thin silicone base. The silicone base is 50% thinner than the textile base of the classic hair extensions

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Irresistible Me carries different types of clip-in hair extensions: Classic, RoyalSingle Weft, and Invisible. The Classic and Royal sets work for most needs - be it that you want to add volume and/or length to your hair, while the Invisible/Seamless clip-ins are great for thin, fine, oily hair.

who are classic hair extensions for, how to get classic hair extensions

In order to choose the perfect line for your needs, you need to first understand the differences and similarities between these clip-in hair extensions types. Once you do you will be able to find the right set for you!  




  • All our lines are natural 100% Human Remy Hair.
  • Remy human hair is considered the finest quality of human hair. 
  • The hair is collected in a way that ensures that all the cuticles are kept intact, facing the natural growing direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low-quality hair.

what are human remy hair extensions, what is remy hair



  • All lines (Classic, Royal and Invisible) come fitted with unnoticeable premium clips that are extremely easy to apply.
  • They are just as easy to take off, just by simply unclipping them.
  • If you’re new to the hair extensions world, please read our article about "How to Clip in Hair Extensions" and you will become a pro in no time!

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  • Remy clip-in extensions can be heat-styled, cut, curled and colored without a problem, just like your natural hair.
  • That makes them easy to use. Whether you choose the Classic, Royal, or the Invisible ones they are the perfect way to instantly change your look with no damage at all.
  • They have a silky, natural texture and a multi-tonal coloring effect, which makes them blend in easily with many shades of hair.

what is human remy hair, can you heat style remy hair


  • The Classic extensions work great with medium-thick hair, for a casual and affordable look.
  • The Classic sets have tapered ends just like your own hair and will offer a bit more volume to the base of the scalp.
  • They work great if you plan to use them for ponytails or updos.

what are classic clip in hair extensions, how to apply classic clip ins

  • The Royal line is meant for all hair types and lengths and is our thickest line of hair extensions.
  • The thickness is consistent from top to bottom for a glamorous, yet natural look. 
  • They suit all kinds of needsfrom adding length to blending in some extra volume.

The Classic and Royal extensions both come in 4 weights and 5 lengths (14, 16, 20, 24 and 28 inches):


  • 100 grams (come with 7 wefts)
  • 140 grams (come with 8 wefts)
  • 200 grams (come with 10 wefts)
  • 260 grams (come with 10 wefts)
thick clip in hair extensions, best hair extensions for volume
  • The Single Weft was designed for extra volume and consists of one super-thick 4-clip weft.
  • The Single Weft is double drawn meaning the thickness is consistent from top to bottom.
  • In case you already have thick, long locks but you need just a bit more volume for some elaborate looks like braids and updos, this weft is for you.

Please keep in mind that while the Single Weft is amazing for a boost of volume it is not a full set of extensions and will not be enough for a full look. 

what is a single weft hair extension, how to apply a single weft

  • The Invisible line is perfect for people with thin, fine, oily hair who are looking for a completely natural look.
  • The thickness is consistent from top to bottom just like the Royal line.
  • Thanks to the innovative silicon base that also offers extra comfort they are impossible to detect once they are applied. This makes them perfect not only for thin-haired people but for all hair types. 

what are the best hair extensions for thin hair, best hair extensions for flat hair, how to put in clip ins in thin hair

The Invisible clip-ins come in 4 weights: the 100-gram sets come 9 pieces, the 140-gram sets come with 10 pieces and the 200 and 260-gram sets come with 11 pieces. They come in the same lengths as the classic lines: 14, 16, 20, 24 and 28 inches.

When choosing your perfect set of extensions please keep in mind that the Invisible line does not include the Single Weft. This does not mean that the sets are thinner or have less hair. The silicon base of the Invisible line is very slim, so there is no way to layer 4 tracks of hair on top of each other to create the Single weft. Instead, the weight of the Single Weft is redistributed between the other wefts, so you have the same amount of hair as in the Classic sets, but with a slender base!

how many wefts in a clip ins set, what is the difference between classic and invisible hair extensions


Why should you choose the Classic or Royal hair extensions?

If you already have medium-thick hair and want to experiment with different lengths or just want some volumes for everyday wear or to create intricate hairstyles, any of the Classic or Royal sets will give you a boost of length, volume, and confidence to achieve all of your hair goals. They are also great if you plan to dye them, as the fabric base can be dyed.

before and after applying hair extensions, how to transform your look with hair extensions

Why would you choose the Invisible hair extensions?

The Invisible/Seamless clip-ins are perfect for people with thin, flat or oily hair or for those who want to mainly wear their hair straight because they lay completely flat on your head and are virtually impossible to detect once installed. If what you're going for is a natural look with a boost of volume or length, but are afraid that classic extensions are too thick for your thin hair then this is the line for you! They are extremely lightweight, so they won't put any pressure on your scalp.

what are the best hair extensions for thin hair, how to blend hair extensions in thin hair

If after reading this article you are still in doubt about what type of hair extensions to get, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at help@irresistibleme.com and they will help you make the best choice. 



by IrresistibleMe on May 08, 2020

CAROLINA – The Invisible line is perfect for people with thin hair, because the base of the extensions is super lightweight and will not show through your natural hair. If you feel like a adding extra volume to your hair, get a thicker set and use all the wefts (which normally would be too many to cover a full head) and clip some on top of each other before installing them in your hair. That will boost the volume without looking unnatural!

by Carolina on May 08, 2020

My hair is thin, but I really want to add some serious volume to it. Will the Invisible set be enough?

by IrresistibleMe on May 04, 2020

ANITA – Our Classic line is meant for all medium types of hair, for people who want to add more volume and/or length with a very natural finish to the look. For this, the extensions get slightly thinner towards the ends, to mimic natural hair strands, that usually do not have the same thickness throughout their length. So if your hair is lighter at the bottom, this is the perfect set for you to keep the natural look!

by Anita on May 04, 2020

What does it mean that the Classic line tapers towards the end?

by IrresistibleMe on April 30, 2020

MARIAH – For short or blunt hair, we always recommend getting a thick set of hair extensions, as they are easier to blend with shorter lengths, with a nice, seamless transition. Our thickest line is the Royal collection, so we encourage you to have a look among this line to see what color, length and weight would work best for you. If you need any help choosing, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at help@irresistibleme.com

by Mariah on April 30, 2020

I have short hair, what extensions would work best for me?


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