3 stylish ways to show your support during pink october.

3 stylish ways to show your support during pink october.

If you are not over the pink aesthetic yet, we are here to remind you again of this beautiful trend and how you can make the most out of it this month. A touch of hot pink is just the missing piece of a positive environment that you can create for yourself!


hairstyle inspo.

Whether you choose a temporary or permanent hair color, you can rock a pink hairstyle in a fun way!

From a long, lush money piece or the shag haircut, to a pale tone braided or clipped stress-free updo, all the way to dying your curly clip in extensions for a pop of color, this year's trends offer many ways to be in-fashion for Pink October.

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outfit inspo.

Be just irresistible from day to night, office meetings to dinner!

2022 comes even stronger in terms of showing off the versatility of co-ords & trench coats, that you can easily use from a day to night look. Style them in different shades of pink, finishing with a pair of sneakers, boots or stilettos. On the minimal side, go for a head to toe black outfit and bring it to life with a touch of sparkling pink, like a pair of ankle boots or a classic bag.

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lifestyle inspo.

The environment we live or work in plays a vital role in our life. It can also become an extension of ourselves, which is why this year's pop of pink trend in lifestyle & deco is exactly what you need in your life.

A pink bouquet of fresh flowers in the living room or desk area, journaling, writing affirmations in a pink notebook or having a scented candle in the bedroom area  can have a very positive impact in your life.

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The pink aesthetic barbie core trend is so dreamy and chic! You can have fun with it in so many ways. Have you got your pink favorites picked up for this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

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