how to blend extensions with short hair

how to blend extensions with short hair in 3 steps.

follow this super easy tutorial!

Clip-in hair extensions will become your favorite because they are key to a quick, zero-damage transformation while growing out your hair.

Straighten the natural hair extensions before starting, to match the texture of your hair in the beginning. This will help blend in the clip hair easier with your hairstyle.

step 1: put up your hair, leaving only the last layer of your hair down.

Before you clip in the extensions, braid the bottom layer and pin it up using a few bobby pins. Tip: You can quickly set up 2 mirrors, front and back, so you can have a complete view and so you can section the hair correctly.

step 2: position the wefts

Start with the 3 and 4-clip wefts at the bottom, to add a solid base to your hair. The bigger wefts should end in line with your ears.

Use the smaller wefts to add volume to the sides of your head and make sure to cover them with the top layer of your natural hair.

step 3: brushing and styling

Brush all the layers of your hair, by blending it in with the hair extensions, so the blunt ends mix in with the longer hair.

From here on you can go for a clean, straight hairdo for a daily sleek look or try curls for a more relaxed hairdo.


how to blend extensions with short blunt hair.

The best hair extensions for short hair are the extra volume clip ins. When it comes to a short or blunt haircut, applying your hair extensions may seem a little bit harder, but don't worry! We're here to show you exactly how to blend extensions with short blunt hair and you won't even notice the difference. 


Check out our YT playlist to learn more about how to blend clip-in extensions with short hair & different styles!



I have very short hair i shave it back in july 2021 i was wondering if i can add on my hair

Susan L Pugh

Hi, my hair is shorter on one side than on the other how do I blend the extensions in, in this case?


ABBY – As always with short hair and bad haircuts, the best way to get seamless blending with the extensions is to apply the thickest ones. That will ensure that the shorter hairs will get lost in the thickness of the extensions and that no one will be able to tell that you’re wearing clip-ins!


I have thin hair and got a very bad cut recently. What clip ins would you recommend?

Abby Tracy

LISA – It depends on how short your hair is and how drastic you want the change to be once you add the extensions. Keep in mind that shorter hair normally blends harder with long extensions, so the smaller the difference, the better the result!


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