your best guide to curl types.

your best guide to curl types.

When it comes to curly hair, learning about your original texture is key. There are different types of curls that might determine your hair type, but you should always consider that every person is unique and your individual hair can be composed by a few different textures.

Here's the curly hair types chart:

types of curly hair.

Straight hair represents type 1. Type 2 is wavy hair and has two different textures: 2A and 2B. Type 3 is curly hair and it's composed of 3A, 3B and 3C curls. Lastly, we have kinky hair as type 4 and you will find 4A, 4B and 4C curls in this category. 

In this article you will find everything there is to know about 3A, 3C and 4A curls.

3a curls. 

When you think of 3a hair, imagine a spiral curl shape - the curl itself is wider and looser than other curls. The "s" shape strands make the 3a curls look very natural. 

If you have type 3a hair and are looking for more length or volume, we have the best curly hair extensions for you. They are so shiny and they blend perfectly with your natural hair texture. 

3c curls. 

The 3c hair is known to be the densest of the type 3 curls. These curls tend to have the more volume and a tighter curl pattern. Also note that 3c hair curls have a circumference of a pencil or straw. Check out these super cute and effortless hairstyles.

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Within our collections of natural hair extensions you will also find extensions for this type of curls. Curly extensions are perfect for people who want their 3c curls to look even more fuller with zero damage to their hair.

4a curls.

Defining 4a curls is very easy! They are tight, well-defined curls and have even more volume across the head. 4A hair curls tend to reflect more light and they have the shiniest appearance.

Curly hair extensions can be styled in so many ways. The clip-ins are pre-styled to guarantee texture hold and they will make you feel just irresistible. Check out this super cute curly hairstyle tutorial for type 4a curls: 

 curly hair extensions.

If you are unsure about buying extensions for curly hair, check out this very helpful review. You will also find some irresistible hairstyles ideas.


Knowing the difference between every curl type might seem a little hard at first, but once you discover your type of curls, it will make your life so much easier and you won't struggle with styling your hair anymore! 

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