how to style a synthetic wig.

how to style a synthetic wig.

Have you heard? Irresistible Me just launched the coolest selection of synthetic hair wigs that are easy to apply and easy to style. You can change your look in seconds! Take a look here. Check out the coolest selection of synthetic wigs on our webiste #fyp #wigs #wiginstall #transformation #syntheticwig #viral ♬ original sound -

Wigs have been worn for thousands of years and they’re still such a big hit today because of their diversity. People love to change - it would be so boring to have the same hairstyle everyday. Thanks to wigs, we now have the chance to try so many different colors, textures and hairstyles, according to our preferences and needs.

Note: our wigs will not cause any damage to your natural hair. Keep reading to find out how you can style a synthetic hair wig.

Irresistible Me synthetic wigs are hand-knotted, front lace wigs made with NextGen faux fiber that mimics real hair. They are heat resistant up to 300F/150C. The wig's size is adjustable at the back with two elastics and it has three combs (middle, right, left) to secure it on your head, making it easier for you to style it.

There are some real perks to owning a synthetic wig - first of all, they are less expensive than human hair but still realistic looking. They are so low maintenance and lightweight you can just put them on and forget about them in 2 seconds. You will be amazed once you buy your first one, for sure! 

synthetic wig application. 

Synthetic wigs are just as easy to put on as the human hair wigs. You will need an elastic band and/or bobby pins to create a braid and secure your hair in place. Then, using the wig cap liner will help your hair lay flat, making it  unnoticeable. You can now put the wig on and it'll have you looking amazing from day to night, no doubt! 

If you find yourself more interested in the human hair wigs, we've got you covered. Check out this article for more info before buying.

care tips.

In order to prolong the life and shine of your synthetic wig, there are a few easy steps you will need to follow. First, you should wash your wig only when needed using a gentle sulphate-free shampoo, then let air dry. Style with hair products sparingly, if needed and use dry shampoo if you want to reduce shine.

If you haven't found your perfect wig match and still want to elevate your look, check out our irresistible human hair extensions. You will find a very helpful guide about the different types of hair extensions here

We're so excited for you to try our carefully sourced selection of synthetic wigs! Stay tuned because we have so many more surprises coming for you. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram.

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