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How to Tone Hair Extensions

by Alice on February 28, 2020

Have you ever been in the situation where you find the perfect blonde human hair extensions set, but unfortunately it doesn’t match your unique blonde hair color? We know that can be frustrating, so in this article, we aim to show you an easy fix for this problem: toning blonde hair with purple shampoo! Toning will help you blend your blonde human remy hair extensions seamlessly with your own hair in just a few easy steps. 


You can also use a toner to get the same results, as purple shampoo and purple toners are used for the same purpose. While toners create immediate results, the purple shampoo works gradually and is less harsh on your hair. A big difference between the two is that toners are applied like a hair dye, while purple shampoo can be used just like any other shampoo

how to tone your hair extensions, using purple shampoo to tone your extensions

Before you begin the coloring process, make sure the hair extensions set you chose is 100% Human Remy hair, as synthetic hair cannot be colored. What exactly is Human Remy Hair? Human remy hair is the top-grade quality when it comes to hair extensions, as the cuticles of the hair are kept intact and all hair strands are aligned together, which makes the hair look and feel natural – softly flowing in the same direction.

before and after toning hair extensions, how to tone blonde hair extensions

The Purple Shampoo Method

Toners are normally used to alter the brassiness in blonde shades with yellow undertones or to get rid of patchy areas after bleaching. The purple in the toning shampoo will neutralize the orange and yellow hues, turning them into a more neutral blonde shade, silver accents or even pastel blues, depending on the intensity of the toning bath. The effect lasts from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on how often the hair needs to be washed, so it’s a process that needs a re-do from time to time.

how to tone your hair extensions with purple shampoo, toning your hair extensions with purple shampoo


  • Wash the whole set with a sulfate & alcohol-free shampoo

The hair is pre-conditioned with a silky coating that needs to be removed so that the human hair extensions can get colored evenly. Let them air dry and prepare for the toning process!

how to use purple shampoo to tone hair extensions, toning hair extensions with purple shampoo

  • Always use the sample strand to color test before toning the whole set

Test the intensity and the amount of time the hair needs to be in the toning bath on just a small weft, preferably the single clip weft. This will ensure that you're satisfied with the results before moving on to the full clip-in set. 

how to tone your hair extensions, using the purple shampoo method to tone your hair extensions


  • Tone the whole set altogether

This will cause tangling and knots, and you may end up overcoloring or damaging the color irreparably.

  • Use any bleach

Since the hair extensions sets have already been dyed in the manufacturing process, bleaching can cause serious quality loss to your real human hair extensions. 

  • Apply purple shampoo directly to the extensions

The 100 human hair extensions are likely to absorb and hold a lot more moisture, so the result might be patchy if the toner is applied directly. You need to mix it with water.

Our guide to toning your remy hair with purple shampoo is as easy as these following 6 steps:


 STEP 0: Prepare your work area

You will need the following materials to start toning your hair extensions:


before and after toning hair extensions, purple shampoo on blonde hair, how to tone your blonde hair extensions

Step 1: Wash the hair extensions

Fill your container with lukewarm water and add some sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo into it and gently wash each hair weft at a time. After each hair extensions weft has been thoroughly washed, let the hair extensions set air dry and after that, lay them all out on your working surface.

how to tone your hair extensions with purple shampoo, can hair extensions be toned with purple shampoo

Step 2: Dilute the purple toner

Fill the container again with lukewarm water and dissolve a few drops of the purple shampoo until the toning bath gets a vibrant color. The heat of the water will allow the natural hair extensions to soak up the pigments evenly.

toning bath for hair extensions, using purple shampoo on hair extensions, how to tone your hair extensions

Step 3: Start toning

Submerge each hair extensions weft separately and completely underwater and let it soak 20 seconds to a whole minute, depending on the intensity you want according to the trial you made beforehand. Gently take out the hair weft and squeeze the excess water, starting at the base of the weft and going down. Please keep in mind that you may need to repeat this step a few more times in order to get the perfect shade. If you end up with a blonde color that is not quite where you want it to be, simply submerge the extensions in the toning bath a few more times. Check the shade after every session and stop when you end up with the color that you want. 

how to tone hair extensions with purple shampoo, toning blonde hair with purple shampoo

Step 4: Rinse

Once you’re done toning all the wefts, rinse each with cold water until no residue comes off, in order to get the cuticle sealed.


Step 5: Condition

Apply sulfate, alcohol-free conditioner to the set of clip-in hair extensions and let them soak the moisture in for as long as possible. Rinse again thoroughly with cold water!

how to take care of your hair extensions, toning hair extensions with purple shampoo

Step 6: Dry and style

Lay out all your wefts on a towel and start patting them to get most of the moisture out of the hair. Let them air dry for best results and when they’re 90% done, start brushing the hair and add some hair oil, in order to avoid frizziness. After they’re completely dry, style just as you would your normal hair.

before and after applying purple shampoo to blonde hair extensions, toned blonde hair extensions with purple shampoo


Important Toning Tips - Summary

  • Never tone the whole remy hair extensions set from the beginning, always try on a single weft first to test the toning bath and make changes according to your needs!
  • Treat your hair extensions with care, as they are as delicate as your own hair and they require the same amount of maintenance to stay in shape!
  • Avoid bleaching the hair extensions, as the dryness might be irreversible!
  • If in doubt, always go to your favorite salon and have an expert get the right toning amount on your set of clip-ins!

how to tone your hair extensions with purple shampoo, toning blonde hair extensions

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by IrresistibleMe on September 23, 2020

JULIE – Any blonde colors can tone nicely, but from our selection of blonde extensions, we recommend either the White or the Platinum Blonde. We’ve seen spectacular results regarding toning these two shades – just check out our Instagram account to see some of our clients sporting silver-toned extensions!

by Julie Fajardo on September 23, 2020

Which is the best color to tone and will it tone to silver!?

by IrresistibleMe on March 16, 2020

JESSAMYNE – Our Platinum extensions do indeed have a yellow undertone, but the purple shampoo does miracles in cutting out the brassiness of this color! We strongly recommend you try the toning on the 1 clip weft first in order to get the right amount of toner for the Platinum, as it will absorb the purple pigment quite quickly.

by Jessamyne on March 16, 2020

I purchased the Royal Platinum Blonde extensions from y’all and I thought the color would be more neutral, but it’s actually pretty yellow. Should I give this purple shampoo method a try or it only works on whiter blondes?

by IrresistibleMe on March 13, 2020

MIMI – The pink shampoo is usually used only to color your hair if it’s light enough to a pastel or hot pink, depending on the intensity of the toning bath. Only the purple pigments in the purple shampoo cut the brassiness of yellow tones, so if what you want is to tone the hair from yellow/orange to a neutral shade, this is the best
option for you.

by Mimi on March 13, 2020

I saw there is also a pink shampoo in drugstores, doesn’t that do the trick too?

by IrresistibleMe on March 11, 2020

LINDA – You might have dissolved too much of the purple shampoo in your toning bath, or perhaps you left the extensions to soak too much before taking them out. But do not worry! If you wash them several times with a sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo, the purple tone will gradually fade and you will be able to control the amount of toning you want. Don’t forget to use conditioner after each wash, to keep the extensions well moistured!

by Linda on March 11, 2020

I overtoned my extensions and now they have a weird purple color that doesn’t work at all for me, is there any way to take it out?!

by IrresistibleMe on March 10, 2020

Kristen – The pigments in the purple shampoo neutralize all tones of yellow/orange, so if the brown has a brassy undertone, it will definitely work in rendering the color a more neutral shade, depending on how long you let the extensions soak in the purple bath.

by Kristen on March 10, 2020

Does this also work on light or ashy browns?


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