top 3 braided prom hairstyles.

top 3 braided prom hairstyles.

Prom is the most elegant event of the year and students are more than excited to make an impression when it comes to their beauty and fashion looks. Here is our list of top 3 braided prom hairstyles that you can try at home for this year's magic prom nights.


 braided half-up half-down with curly ponytail.


This half up prom hairstyle is just perfect for a special night. It keeps the hair out of your face so you can enjoy the party while dancing and having the best time. It also looks playful & chic.



To achieve this cute prom hairstyle you need to section the front part of your hair into 2 pieces, braid them and secure them with an elastic.  Our tip is to pull out hairs from each braid so you can achieve this voluminous effect. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and add your curly ponytail hair extension. Tie the front braids to the back, twist them and pull the ponytail through. And there you have it! An amazing curly braided prom hairstyle.



side braid with long ponytail.


Side braids are everyone's favorite this year. We added a little spice to this simple prom hairstyle and the long ponytail was it. 



To recreate this look, you need to tie your hair into a low ponytail at the back. Then add your 24' clip in ponytail hair extension. Our tip is to clip the hair extensions upside down so it's easier to braid it afterwards. After you finished braiding your ponytail, secure it with an elastic and enjoy the rest of the evening looking just irresistible! 



half-up half-down with a twisted bun. 

Who doesn't love a half-up hairstyle? Good news - we've prepared a chic and unique half-up/ half-down prom hairstyle for you that you can easily recreate at home.




In order to achieve this look, you need to section the front part of your hair into 2 thin pieces and braid them separately. For a more messy-looking hairstyle, pull out hairs from the braids, then tie the braids together at the back of your hair. Add your volumizer weft for a more dramatic effect. Create a bun at the top of your hair and pull it through the braids - then secure it with bobby pins to make sure it all stays in place. You can make it look more stylish by curling your hair. And there you have it! A quick and easy prom hairstyle. 



Let us know what you think via Instagram, TikTok or Email and send us photos with the result after you tried it. Let's spread some unique hairstyles ideas this prom season!  

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