How to get the money piece hair without using dye.

How to get the money piece hair without using dye.

What is the money piece & how to get it without any hair damage?

The money piece is a hair coloring technique that involves lightening the front sections of your hair to frame your face and create a contrast with the rest of your hair.

This style has become very popular because it's a great way to add some brightness and interest to your hair without getting highlights all over. To get the money piece, people usually go to a salon where a stylist will lighten the front strands of their hair. However, if you want to avoid hair damage or salon costs, you can have this hairstyle easily with hair extensions or a wig.


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How to Get the hairstyle Without Dyeing Your Hair? 

If you’re not ready to dye your hair or want to try the money piece trend without the commitment, two small wefts of hair extensions that you can clip into the front of your hair or a wig with money piece highlights will do the trick in minutes without any hair damage. Here's how to do it:


1. Choose human hair extensions or wigs: Opt for products made from natural hair. Synthetic options can work, but natural hair wigs and human hair extensions provide a more authentic look and can be styled or dyed however you like.

2. Select the right color: Choose a contrasting color of hair extensions for your money piece. If you like colored highlights, consider getting platinum human hair extensions and dyeing them your favorite color.

We recommend that you choose either invisible tape-ins or invisible clip-ins to achieve the most seamless blended money piece.Check out our available colors here:

3. Styling: Style the wig or extensions as you would with your natural hair. You can use heat tools to create waves, curls, or keep it straight. Experiment with messy buns, ponytails, and other hairstyles to see how the money piece highlights change your look. 

Here's a tutorial on how you can style the money piece with hair extensions:


Types of Money Piece Hairstyles.

1. The Soft Blonde.

The soft blonde money piece is perfect for those who want a subtle and natural-looking highlight. This style involves using a soft, light blonde color to frame the face, creating a gentle contrast that brightens your features. It’s ideal for people with lighter hair who want to add dimension without a drastic change. 

To get this look, you will need 2 small wefts from the platinum blonde, light blondemedium blondestrawberry blonde or the ash blonde hair extensions set, based on your hair color.

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2. The Blonde Burst.

The blonde burst has bold, blonde highlights on a darker base, such as chocolate brown. This style is great for those who want their money piece to stand out and make a statement. The contrast between the blonde highlights and the dark base color adds depth and a burst of light to the hair.

To get this look, you will need 2 small wefts from the platinum blonde, light blonde, medium blonde, strawberry blonde or the ash blonde hair extensions set, based on your preference.


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3. The Caramel Money Piece. 

The Caramel Money Piece gives a warm and rich look, perfect for those with darker hair. The caramel tones blend beautifully with brown or black hair, by adding a touch of warmth and a sun-kissed effect. This style is flattering for those with warm skin tones. 

To get this look, you will need 2 small wefts from the caramel balayage or the light brown hair extensions set.

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4. Colorful Money Piece.

These colorful hair highlights are perfect for adding a splash of color to your looks. To get this look, you will need 2 small wefts of colorful hair extensions, or platinum human hair extensions, as you can use color dye to get a vibrant color. This look is perfect for concerts, festivals, parties or just for an ordinary day out.



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Why is the Money Piece Hairstyle a Flattering hairstyle?

The money piece is so flattering because it lightens up your natural features and gives you a sun-kissed look, perfect for summer. Here’s other reasons why this hairstyle is flattering for everyone:

  • Adds immediate dimension and depth: The contrast between the lighter money piece and your base colour adds depth and dimension, so your hair looks fuller and more lively.
  • It's versatile: Works on any hair type and texture, from straight to curly, and any hair length. With using the hair extensions, you can go back to your initial hairstyle in minutes and style it however you like.
  • It's low maintenance: Unlike full head highlights, the money piece requires less time in the salon, but with using hair extensions or a wig that already has money piece, you can make this style yourself at home without extra spending.

The money piece goes well even styled into a ponytail:


Who is the Money Piece for?

  • Those who want to try a hair change without a lot of commitment or high costs: If you want to change your look without a big change, the money piece is the way to go. Choose using the hair extensions or wig method to avoid dyeing your hair and high costs for maintaining the money piece.
  • All hair types: Straight, wavy, curly, coily, the money piece can be adapted to your natural texture.
  • Low maintenance: If you don’t want to be in the salon too often, the money piece is perfect.
  • All skin tones: Choose the right highlight color and you can find a money piece that suits your skin tone.


Get yourself a nice set of hair extensions and you'll have any hairstyle you want at a blink of an eye. Add a money piece, get highlights or change your entire hair color without damage using extensions and wigs. This hairstyle is easy to achieve with hair extensions, and it's perfect for anyone that wants this hairstyle without any hair or budget damage.  

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