Have fun with hair extensions: create hair highlights at home.

Have fun with hair extensions: create hair highlights at home.

Are you looking for a way to add highlights to your hair safely without dyeing it? Highlights can spice up your hair and give you a fresh, new look. However, traditional highlights often require bleach, which can be damaging for your hair. If you want to avoid bleach but still get those desirable highlights, you can use hair extensions as highlights instead!

Let’s explore the different types of highlights you can try and how to use hair extensions to get the look you want.


Types of Highlights you can create with Hair Extensions.


1. Golden Blonde Highlights.

Perfect for adding a sun-kissed look to brown or dark hair. If your hair is on the thinner side, the perfect duo is using a set of brown hair extensions along with honey blonde, platinum blonde, medium blonde or light blonde hair extensions.

    Here's the perfect tutorial to achieve this look:


    2. Caramel Highlights.

    Ideal for adding warmth and depth to your hair. They work well with brown hair, and create a soft, sun-kissed appearance. Caramel highlights can also complement black hair or dark brown hair, as it adds more light to it. For this look you can go for dark highlights or caramel balayage hair extensions.

    Here's the perfect tutorial to achieve this look:


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    3. Colorful Highlights. 

    These colorful hair highlights are perfect for adding a splash of color to your looks. To get this look, you will need 2 small wefts of colorful hair extensions, or any human hair extension, as you can use color dye to get a vibrant color. This look is perfect for concerts, festivals, parties or just for an ordinary day out:

    Here's the perfect tutorial to achieve this look:

    4. Peekaboo Highlights.

    These fun highlights are placed underneath the top layer of your hair, showing a pop of color when you move. A contrasting set of hair extensions placed underneath the top layer of your hair will do the trick in minutes.

    Here's the perfect tutorial to achieve this look:


    5. Balayage Highlights.

    These balayage colors create a natural, gradient effect that looks like your hair has been lightened by the sun.

    Designed by professionals, this collection offers beautiful balayage colors and highlights that can give you the perfect sun-kissed look when placed under a thin top layer of hair.


      Benefits of Using Hair Extensions for Highlights.

      • No dye needed: with hair extensions, you can add highlights without dyeing your hair. This means no damage from harsh chemicals and no need to worry about your hair color fading.
      • Easy to use and undetectable: Hair extensions can be clipped in or taped in at home, making it easy to add highlights yourself. Perfect for a quick and easy change.
      • Affordable: Adding highlights with hair extensions is much more budget-friendly than regular salon visits to maintain highlights.

      If you're afraid that you clip-ins might show when trying face-framing highlights, we recommend you using invisible tape-insthat lay perfectly flat on your head and mimic the roots of your real hair so they’re virtually undetectable.

        • Extensions are fun to use: You can try different colors and styles without making a permanent change. Plus, you can always switch up your look as often as you like. 
        • Extensions can be styled: Once your extensions are in place, style your hair as you normally would. You can curl, straighten, or leave it natural. Human hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair.

          Using highlights hair extensions allows you to change your look without the hassle of traditional hair dye. They can transform darker hair by adding face framing highlights, creating contrast with different shades, or having fun with peekaboo colors. Whether you have blonde, brown, or dark hair, premium hair extensions that will match your base color and blend beautifully with your natural hair.

          So why not have fun with your hair and try highlights with hair extensions? They are an easy, low-maintenance way to brighten your look and add a touch of color.

          Get your set of hair extensions at the best price now and have fun discovering all the hairstyles you can achieve with just one set.

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