how to put in hair extensions in 3 steps.

how to put in hair extensions in 3 steps.

super quick tutorial!

Clip-in hair extensions are your best option for a zero damage transformation. You can clip them in and out whenever you want!

Follow this simple tutorial for a stress-free, just irresistible hairstyle!

step 1: brush and organize.

Brush your hair and the hair extensions to get rid of any tangles. Continue by organizing the hair wefts and group them by size.

Use 2 mirrors, front and back. This will make it easier to see what piece goes where on your head.

step 2: bigger wefts first, smaller wefts after.

Begin by clipping in the 3 and 4 clip wefts starting at the bottom of your head, always working your way up. First attach the middle clips, then secure the pieces to your hair with the side clips. Feel free to stack as many wefts as you see fit, but do not exceed the middle of your head (by the ear line), to keep the clip in hair from showing through. Finish by adding in the smaller wefts.

The 2-clip wefts will go to the sides of your head for more volume. The remaining 1-clip wefts can be used to cover any spots between the other wefts. Consider these your extra clip in hair pieces for volume!

step 3: style!

After clipping in all the wefts you need, brush out all the hair and start styling it. By curling or straightening the real hair clip-ins and your natural hair together, you’ll make sure the blending is perfect and that the outcome looks natural.

Want to know even more about how to add hair extensions?

Watch our YT playlist for more tutorials on how to use clip-ins for a zero damage, zero stress transformation!


This is such a useful guide, especially for first time users like me! When I first got my extensions, I honestly was at a lost, I was overwhelmed by the number of wefts (I wonder if this is a thing?). There is something that I do differently though, namely I always start clipping the big weft first; it just feels better on my head. Is that okay?


Samantha – Please don’t be stressed out by this! In some cases, it’s totally normal to have some extra
wefts, it actually happens more often then you may think!
Maybe you choose the wrong weight for your hair: if you have thin hair 100 or 140
grams may work better for you; 200 or 260 grams can be a bit much for fine hair. Also,
the size of your head is a factor: if you have a small head 10 wefts are way too much so
just use less.
But, if you really want to use all the wefts, a great way to do it is to stack the wefts on top
of each other (we only recommend clipping a maximum of 2 wefts together – more then
that and it will look bulky on your head).
The most important thing to remember when installing the extensions is to make it so that
it feels natural to you! Don’t worry if you have extra clips, as long as you feel and look
good, your method is perfect!


I tried this last night and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I have leftover clips!
Why? This is stressing me out!


Amanda H. – Clip in hair extensions are not designed to be worn overnight (not the case for tape-ins,
you can sleep with them without a problem). We recommend you take them our every
night; it’s really easy, they can be removed by simply unclipping them and gently sliding
them out. If you don’t take them off they will tangle and you may even end up pulling on
them in your sleep and that will not feel good!


Seriously loving this, real life saver but, now that I learned how to install them and
they look great (if I may say so myself!) my question is: can I sleep with them in? I don’t
want to destroy my work!

Amanda H.

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