homecoming hairstyles.

homecoming hairstyles.

The beginning of every student's year often seems the hardest, especially because the cold weather is approaching and we must say goodbye to summer vacation. But there is a very bright side to the early fall - Homecoming season! 

What is homecoming? For us, hair extensions lovers, it's the perfect time to try new hairstyles with extensions

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Thanks to Gen Z's most loved app (TikTok), there are some really cool trends going around that you've probably seen all over your FY page and for this year's homecoming dance, you shouldn't miss out on the barbiecore trend, the y2k trend or the rockstar girlfriend trend. They will definitely spice up your look.

homecoming hairstyles.

homecoming hairstyles updo.

We know there are tons of hairstyles for homecoming online, so we thought you'd like an effortless and chic one, that requires little to no effort and will have you looking glam the whole night. It's definitely worth the try!

And if you want to elevate your look with immediate volume, try a volumizer weft. Applying clip in hair extensions by yourself is a very easy process, that you can follow here.

homecoming ponytail hairstyles. 

Who doesn't love an elegant ponytail for a night look? If you are looking for medium length homecoming hairstyles, you should give this ponytail hairstyle a try. It will look amazing on both short or long hair, and always remember that you can add length so easily! All you have to do is clip your favorite set of hair extensions and you're good to go.

If you want to find out how to hide extensions in very short hair, take a look at this article.

homecoming hairstyles down.

This look is perfect, whether you are looking for curly homecoming hairstyles or homecoming hairstyles for short hair. It's so easy yet so beautiful! And we definitely recommend you trying our textured collection, as it's such a game changer when it comes to a special party look.

If you want to find out how much do hair extensions cost, take a look here.

Are you ready for the dance? We are so excited to see your cute hairstyles for homecoming. Don't hesitate to share your looks with us via Instagram or TikTok.

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