do's and don'ts of wedding hair extensions.

do's and don'ts of wedding hair extensions.

Preparing for the most special day of your life as a soon-to-be bride is more than just choosing the best time and location for your wedding. Your overall look is also crucial on your big day. And an added length to your hair can provide more styling options so that you can serve glamor on that sweetheart neckline dress.

Whether you're aiming for a lovely updo or a half up hairstyle, hair extensions can help you achieve that perfect wedding look. And we got your back in knowing the do's and don'ts of using these embellishments, so your mind can focus on what matters the most - the vows you deliver as you wear the promise ring

bridal hairstyle do's.

do invest in top-quality hair extensions.

Conduct thorough research and pick the extension type and color that best suits you and your bridal gown. Whether clip in, tape in or others, research can help you choose which one will be best for your hair goals. For a better understanding of each type of hair extensions, take a look here.

Just know that it may require you to spend quite a bit of money, but it will also give you the quality and aesthetic you need so that no one can notice that you're wearing hair extensions. If you want to know more about the average cost of hair extensions, this article will help you out.

do decide on a specific hairstyle before adding extensions.

It is common knowledge to handle hair extensions with care. That being said, you should refrain from overusing them, especially when styling with heating products. It is best if you try various hairstyles first before you style with hair extensions. 

Styling tip: If you are going for some curls, curl the extensions and your natural hair together to get a seamless look. Perform alternate curling from the front to the back at 1-inch sections.

do wash your extensions before the wedding day.

Whether made of natural hair or synthetic, extensions must be washed and conditioned before the wedding. Doing so will remove product buildup created over time, making them look stunning as they blend with your natural hair.

bridal hairstyle don'ts.

don't cut hair extensions yourself.

If it ever crosses your mind to cut hair extensions on your own without consulting a hairstylist, rethink your decision. Avoid cutting your hair extensions without professional guidance. Cutting straight across, which everyone usually does, results in a lacking body and shape. The best thing to do is seek guidance from your hairstylist and have them cut the hair based on the style you're going for on your wedding day.

don't clip in extensions too close to your hairline.

When styling your hair with clip in hair extensions, don't clip them too close to your hairline. Doing so will make you feel very uncomfortable. In addition, clip-in extensions that are too close to the hairline are more likely to fall out due to inadequate support. 

Clip in hair extensions are very easy to apply and you can do it by yourself at home in short time. You can follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to clip in hair extensions. However, if you want to have less responsibilities on your wedding day, then reaching out to a professional might sound like a better idea.

Styling tip: To create some grip, you can tease the designated area first, then spritz it with hairspray. Doing this will help keep the clip in extensions attached to your hair, keeping your bridal hairstyle stunning until after the wedding ceremony ends. 

final words.

The perfect bridal look is achievable by having a stunning hairstyle with extensions. And by following the do's and don'ts of using wedding hair extensions, you'll be able to maintain that gorgeous serve until your honeymoon.

You've got your dream location, the best gown and the stunning hairstyle with extensions. Everything's going to be perfect on your big day! 

Article written by Katie Pierce.

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