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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

by Alice on May 22, 2020

When you’re deciding what hair extensions to buy, there are many factors you should take into consideration before choosing the perfect type for you. One important question everybody has before deciding to invest in something is how long that product will last and in this case how long do hair extensions last?

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The price-longevity ratio is one of the most important aspects you have to consider before you decide what sort of human hair extensions you want to invest in. In this article, we're going to dive into the different types of hair extensions and how long each type is going to last.

The three main categories of natural hair extensions are: 

  • temporary hair extensions (you can put them in and take them out whenever you want. Temporary extensions include clip in hair extensions, flip-ins or halos, and hair wefts)
  • semi permanent hair extensions (not as detachable as temporary hair extensions, no tools or heat needed to be installed. Semi permanent hair extensions include tape in hair extensions and skin weft hair extensions).
  • permanent hair extensions (are sewn in or attached using heating tools or clams. Permanent hair extensions include fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions, sew in hair extensions, K-tips, I-tipsmicrolinks, etc.)

In theory, all hair extensions are temporary but the time you can wear them varies so much that it has become common to separate them in these three categories because of how different they are and the purpose they serve. 

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 Clip in extensions (3 to 6 months)

    Clip in extensions are the most popular temporary hair extensions type. They come in sets with multiple wefts, they have either a textile or silicone base and sturdy, lightweight clips. They are very easy to apply and take out, they don’t damage your hair and last a long time. Clip in hair extensions are the safest form of extensions on the market. If you clip, remove and take good care of them they will cause absolutely no damage to your own hair.

    If properly cared for, they can be used for 3 to 6 months with medium wear, sometimes even a year or more if they are used less often.

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     Tape in hair extensions (4 to 8 weeks)

    Tape in hair extensions are the most popular semi permanent hair extensions type. They come in strands of about 1.5 inch wide, with a layer of special adhesive that you attach to your natural hair. To put them in, you just take one thin strand of your own hair and create bounds (sandwiches) using 2 strands of tapes (one goes under and one on top of your own hair). 

    Tape in extensions last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your natural hair grows. Once your hair grows you need to take the tape-ins out, replace the adhesive and retape them in your hair. Tape in extensions can be reapplied 2-3 times or as long as the hair still looks nice.

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     Permanent hair extensions (3 to 12 months)

    Microlinks are the most popular permanent hair extensions type. These are applied by attaching tiny wefts of hair onto small sections of your natural hair with the help of micro-bonds. They are a big commitment because they can last up to 3-4 months. 

    When it comes to the other types of permanent hair extensions, the K-tips last about 6 months, the I-tips can last over 10 months, sewn-ins can be worn for 6 to 12 months and the fusion and bre-bonded extensions will hold up to 4 months.

    All permanent hair extensions types use some kind of chemicals, glue, tape, or beads to be installed. It is also common to use heat to apply them. These extensions feature some sort of protein bond at the top, which is solid until melted with a hair extension tool around the hair. As you can imagine this will cause hair damage when installed and also when removed. And don't think that sewn-in extensions are better because they are not. The cornrows that are used as a base in the sewn-in process are extremely stressful on the hair and the hair follicles. You will feel the weight pulling on your hair and eventually your hair is going to shed and break.

    Hair breakage, hair loss, damage to the hair follicles, and even alopecia are common problems that permanent hair extensions can cause. If you want to avoid all these problems you should choose either clip in hair or tape in hair extensions. They are harmless and if properly installed and removed, will not cause any damage.

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    When talking about how long do extensions last, the main thing to remember is that with proper care any type of extensions can last longer. But how to care for hair extensions to increase their lifespan?

    Because permanent hair extensions are so harmful to your own hair and can cause so many hair related problems, we will only focus on the non damaging types of extensions moving forward (clip in human hair extensions and tape in human hair extensions) and explaining how to take care of your extension to make them last longer.

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    A crucial factor in choosing the best hair extensions is the type of hair and the best type of hair is remy hair. What is remy hair? Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of real human hair because the hair is collected in a way that ensures that all the cuticles are kept intact, facing the natural growing direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly found in non-Remy or low-quality hair. Real remy hair extensions are known to have the longest shelf life, but in the end, it is a matter of wear and aftercare that influences how long the natural clip ins will last.

    It is difficult to set an expiration date for clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions as their lifespan is influenced by many factors that change depending on the person wearing them but some of the most important factors are related to wearability, outside elements, and aftercare.

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    How often you wear them?

    When it comes to natural hair clip ins the longevity will depend on how often you wear them in the first place, be it on a daily basis, weekly or from time to time, for special occasions. With moderate to regular use, your clip hair can last as long as 6 months, but if you wear them less, they could last up to 1 year or more!

    Tape in hair extensions on the other hand, once installed will stay in your hair from 4 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Once your hair grows you need to take them out, change the adhesive and reapply them. The most important thing when it comes to wearability here is the removing and retaping part. If you remove them with care, make sure they don't break or tangle when you take them off and are just as careful when re-taping them, that will, for sure, increase their lifespan. 

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     Outside elements

      Another important factor in determining the lifespan of your clip in natural hair extensions and tape in human hair extensions is the environment you were them in. Smoke, chlorine water or intense sunlight will affect them more than say an office or home environment.

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        Depending on how well you take care of your natural clip ins and remy tape in hair extensions before and after wearing them, how you store, wash, detangle and moisturize them, they will have a longer or shorter lifespan.

        In order to make your favorite set of hair extensions last longer, just follow some basic tips that will keep them smooth and shiny for a longer period of time: 

        • make sure to always use sulfate-free shampoo when washing your hair 
        • moisturize your remy clip in hair extensions with nourishing conditioners and oils 
        • try to air dry your extensions as blow-drying might cause breakage and dryness
        • trim the edges when they split, so that the hair remains healthy
        • when using hot tools to style your human extensions, always spray them with heat protectant beforehand to keep them safe

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        If you are looking for the best hair extensions then remy clip in hair extensions are the least damaging type of extensions, with the best longevity-price ratio available. They are easy to apply even for beginners (be sure to check out our step by step guide on how to put in hair extensions here) and they are the safest way to add length and volume to your hair! They come in many colors, lengths and weights, so there’s surely something for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for.

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        Extensions are such a fun and easy way to bring length and volume to your hair and the better you treat them, the longer they will last.

        So, you’re still wondering how long do hair extensions last? If you take good care of them and remember to use them correctly, good quality hair extensions will remain your best friend for a long time!

        by fusion hair extensions installation ottawa on September 02, 2020

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        by IrresistibleMe on June 03, 2020

        HELEN – We’re so happy that you’re pleased with out extensions and that they lasted so well! You most definitely cared for them very well, since they lasted so long, so kudos for that! Concerning switching to tape-ins, may we suggest that you go through our article on tape in extensions here, to get all your info before comitting to them: https://www.irresistibleme.com/blogs/news/how-to-apply-and-remove-tape-in-hair-extensions

        In case you have any unanswered questions or if you’re in need of help to choose the right set, please don’t hesitate to write to our team of experts at help@irrestistibleme.com

        by Helen on June 03, 2020

        I’ve been having my set of Irresistible Me clip-ins for over a year now and they still look splendid! I really cherish them and take care of them properly, but I’m thinking of getting tape ins now as a more permanent solution.

        by IrresistibleMe on May 27, 2020

        CARRIE – The least damage comes with temporary hair extensions. In this case, clip ins and wigs are your best choice! If you want to enhance the volume and length of your natural hair, clip in hair extensions are what you’re looking for. They are the easiest non damaging way of transforming your hair in a matter of minutes!

        by Carrie on May 27, 2020

        What is the least damaging option when considering hair extensions?

        by IrresistibleMe on May 25, 2020

        CAROL – The cheapest hair extensions are the synthetic ones, but if you’re inquiring about real hair extensions, then clip-ins definitely have the best price out there. Depending on the quality of the hair (if it is remy or not) and the length and weight of the set, you will find different prices for the clip in extensions. Considering how easy it is to apply them and to care for them, the are the cheapest and best solution for an easy, instant transformation!

        by Carol on May 25, 2020

        What are the cheapest hair extensions?


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