martin luther king day.

martin luther king day.


Given the global pandemic context we are going through, we are realizing, more than ever, the power of community and mutual support.


To celebrate Martin Luther King day, we are joining hands with
Gyrl Wonder, an innovative professional pipeline giving rise to ambitious young women of color, through programs and partnerships that help propel them into the careers and opportunities of today and tomorrow.


With initiatives such as the Gyrl Wonder Leadership Academy, Mentoring Matters, Wholistically Me and the Gyrl Wonder Fellowship, we will be supporting young women in their professional and personal development, through workshops, guidance and networking opportunities.


By volunteering, allowing access to positive activities or donating, we can all contribute to the future of the next just irresistible gyrls.



empowered me, wholistically me, irresistible me.

You too can get involved!
Learn more about the positive impact you can have right here.  

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