new year, new me haircare routine.

new year, new me haircare routine.

w/ hairstylist Sabrina Flenoid

Continuing the series of real talks with professional stylists telling you everything you need to know about HAIR with an article on the best haircare routine in 2023. Sabrina loves our tape-in hair extensions that she recommends to her clients all the time!

1. what makes a good hair care routine?

Please tell us your favorite products for the cold season.

'A good hair care routine to me is hair masks (Fine, Medium and Course Deep Masks by Ouai) at least once a week for integrity and nourishment. On a daily basis, Shampoo & Conditioner (Kevin Murphy- Restore & Strengthening Shampoo/Rinse), Heat Protectant (Hot Toddy By Drybar), Leave-in conditioner spray (Kevin Murphy), Flexible Hold Hairspray (Moroccan Oil), Sparkling Soda Shine Mist (Drybar) and Texturizing Spray (Ouai).'

2. what are the best practices to achieve 'dream hair'?

'Best practices a girl should include for “dream hair” would be: Clean hair, Brushed hair, at least a Blowout once a week professionally and key hair products and hot tools.'

3. what should we avoid in order to keep our hair healthy&shiny?

'Definitely too many shampoos in a week span. Depending on texture and density of hair watching at the amount of conditioner and/or oil based products at the root of hair would be the best practices to avoid for every girl and their hair.'

4. what are your winter essentials to become 'that girl'?

'My winter essentials currently are: hydrating/moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, blowout heat protectant cream, heat protectant spray, leave-in conditioner, shine mist, texturizing spray, flexible hold hairspray, and a good Moroccan oil.'

5. what can we do to get a fresh start if our hair is damaged?

'A great fresh start for damaged ends or color treated hair is to start with being consistent on hair masks that are professionally recommended. Please avoid convenience store hair masks because not all ingredients are moisturizing our hair in those products.'

If you like the idea of a good DIY protein hair mask at home for fried hair, here's the absolute simplest recipe. Thank us later!

Sabrina is the CEO of the salon TouchedBySabrina, located in Clearwater, Florida. Book an appointment with her if you're near, and let her treat you to some beautiful hair!

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