x hairstylists: the best hair care routine from a professional hairstylist. x hairstylists: the best hair care routine from a professional hairstylist.

“ I love using Irresistible Me tape-ins or clip-ins extensions. These extensions make me feel like I’m not wearing anything in my head because they are so lightweight and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

meet amber ward. 👋

"Hello, My name is Amber Ward, and I am a stylist in southwest Georgia! The small business that I have owned for the past 3 years is called Style and Smile and I specialize in lived-in colors, tape-ins, and highlights. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade that I would love to share with all of you!"

Amber Ward

We asked a few questions to Amber so she could share her valuable insights with all of you. Let's get into it!

1. what are your go-to haircare products? 

"Some of my favorite products to use in my hair care routine are everything to deal with Olaplex! I love their No 4 and No 5 shampoo and conditioner to give me the strongest and healthiest hair at the baseline of my hair routine.To follow up, after I get out of the shower I love to use their No 6 and No 9 mixed together to give my hair a frizz-free and smooth appearance while also giving it incredible shine!"



2. what is the best haircare routine according to you? 

"To begin, always dry your hair! Never sleep on it wet! When your hair is wet it is in the most vulnerable state it can possibly be in. It’ll stretch and cause breakage while you’re sleeping, and on top of that if you sleep with it on a cotton pillowcase you will trap bacteria and cause unwanted buildup on your hair!

So one of the best things I can say is to dry your hair and get yourself a satin pillowcase. The best bad habit to break in order to keep your hair shining would be to upgrade your pillowcase to a silk pillowcase. This will ensure that excess moisture from your skin or from your hair wouldn’t create a buildup on your pillowcase and your hair won’t then in turn absorb that buildup. Not only will your hair thank you but so will your skin!

Next thing: water. Drink the recommended amount and then some! It will help your hair have an incredible shine, and you’ll notice your hair feeling even stronger than before.

Then I would tell yo would be to use a wet brush on your hair after getting out of the shower so you’re not sagging at your hair while it’s wet and causing the least amount of breakage possible. And always brush from ends to roots. When you do this you’re not pulling any knots from the root to the end and you again decrease the chance of breakage and your hair will thank you so much for it!

And finally the most important: never underestimate the power of using the right products. The products on the shelves at drug stores are full of harmful silicones and sulfates that will cause a waxy buildup on your hair. We, as hairstylists, when we try to sell you products are doing so because we only want what will give the best results and the best feeling for your hair! We care about what’s best for you and want to find the best products for your hair."

3. what would you recommend to feel like a it girl

To feel like a it girl, Amber has some recommendations for us: 

"Paul Mitchell unclipped 3 in 1 wand is the tool I go to when I want to have a beach look. When I use this however, and I want a more emphasized look, I love using Irresistible Me tape-ins or clip-ins extensions to make it look bolder and more fun! These extensions make me feel like I’m not wearing anything in my head because they are so lightweight and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Here are some examples of some of my clients whom I have had the pleasure of giving this look and you can see just how much they love it!"

It's great to hear about our hairstylists advices. Sounds like Irresistible Me tape-ins or clip-ins extensions are a must-try for anyone looking to add some extra oomph to their look.

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It's clear that Amber is passionate about her work as a stylist and that is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their hair goals. Her tips on how to step up a hair care routine are super helpful. We thank her for sharing her expertise with us today! If you want to checkout her work, follow her on Instagram : @stylesandsmileshair. 

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