find out if you are actually curly.

find out if you are actually curly.

Ever wondered about your hair type and its best care routine?

Turns out that it's possible to actually have curly hair and not realize it.

With social media at our fingertips, more and more women are sharing their own curl discovery.

Your hair follicle shape and curl pattern are the first indicator.

There are 4 big categories, out of which we can make a simple breakdown: type 1s are straight, type 2s - wavy, type 3s - curly and type 4s are coily/kinky.


Here are our 2 steps to help determine your hair type:

         the 1 minute quiz.

This quiz has 7 great questions about your hair, which provide a quick conclusion and advice on whether you are a curly type or not.




the wash, moisture & dry test.

You can wash your hair, apply a curl serum and simply dry it out, whether it’s a towel or a t-shirt. Seeing waves and volume? Welcome to the natural curly side!




Pretty easy, right?

Identifying your actual type helps you know exactly how to care for your specific texture, to benefit from its healthy glow and enjoy its versatility.



If you too are going through this easy process, share with us your experience via Instagram, TikTok or email.

We would love to see that just irresistible hair!

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