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5 Easy Braided Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer.

Learning how to braid hair can definitely be tricky, especially when you're looking at beautiful braided hairstyles on Pinterest but can't seem to get them right, even with detailed instructions.

Luckily, there are some simple braids that anyone can do, and we've compiled a list of the easiest ones for you here.

If you're wondering whether you can create these braids with short hair, the answer is yes! With a set of hair extensions, any hairstyle is achievable.


1. French Braids: The classic braided hairstyle.

French braids are one of the most well-known braided hairstyles. This classic style is perfect for any setting, whether you're at the office or just grabbing coffee with friends. This braided hairstyle begins close to the scalp and is woven tightly down the back, which keeps your hair tidy and out of your face.

Here's a video from @another_braid using hair extensions for added length and elastics for an easier braiding technique:


Here are some styling tips to consider when making this hairstyle:

  • Add your best set of hair extensions to this braided hairstyle for added length and volume.

  • Use a smoothing serum or mousse before braiding to add extra sleekness and shine.

  • Add a ribbon or small flowers woven into the braid for a personalized touch. 

2. Dutch Braids: The inside-out beauty.

Dutch braids are basically the inverted version of French braids, and they stand out for their 3D effect as they pop off the scalp. These braids work great for both braided pigtails or when you'd like to try a braided bun, perfect for both daily wear and more formal events.

Here's an amazing video tutorial from @another_braid creating these beautiful braids: 


Here are some styling tips to consider when making this braided hairstyle:

  • Begin braiding on slightly damp hair to keep the braid neat and manage any flyaways.

  • Apply a light gel or mousse to add hold and define the braid’s structure.

  • If you have short hair, add a set of invisible clip-in hair extensions before making this braid for added length.

  • Accessorize with small clips or flowers interwoven into the braids for a chic, personalized touch, ideal for special events. 

3. Fishtail Braids: Intricately Simple.

The fishtail braid may look complicated, but it's actually quite simple to learn how to do it. This style is made by alternately pulling small sections of hair from each side and weaving them together, forming a pattern that resembles a herringbone pattern.



You can let the fishtail braid hang freely down your back for a casual look, or style it into a braided low bun for something more formal.


Here are some styling tips to consider when making this braided hairstyle:

  • Use a texturizing spray before braiding to give your hair extra grip, making it easier to manage.

  • For a bohemian effect, pull at the sides of the braid to loosen it slightly after braiding.

  • Add a volumizer hair extensions weft to this braided hairstyle for added length and volume.

    4. Waterfall Braids: Flowing Elegance.

    Waterfall braids are ideal for those who prefer a hairstyle that’s both up and down. This hairstyle lets strands of hair flow freely in a cascade, perfect for romantic settings, weddings, or just a regular fancy day out.

    These waterfall braids give an elegant look that combines the neatness of a braid with the beauty of loose curls. 


    Here are some styling tips to consider when making this hairstyle:

    • Curl the loose strands with a curling iron to enhance the waterfall effect.

    • Spritz a light hairspray to keep the curls intact and the braid neat throughout the day.

    • This braid looks stunning when highlighted with subtle floral accessories or sparkly hairpins.

    • If you want a fuller look, consider adding tape-in hair extensions.

    5. Middle-part Braid with Twisted Ponytail: Modern Twist on a Classic.

    The middle-part braid with a twisted ponytail is a trendy take on traditional braided styles. It starts with a clean middle part, with braids going back into a high ponytail.

    The braided ponytail can also be twisted into a knot or bun, which makes it the  perfect hairstyle for evenings out or chic events.


    Here are some styling tips to consider when making this hairstyle:

    • Make sure the middle part is sharp and straight for a neat, polished appearance.

    • Apply a smoothing cream to your hair before styling to keep flyaways at bay and add shine.

    • Decorate the base of the ponytail with a stylish hair tie or a decorative clip to elevate the overall look.

    • Add a ponytail hair extension to this hairstyle for added length and volume.

    Hair tips to perfect braided hairstyles:

    When trying out these braided hairstyles, consider your hair type. If you have short or thin hair, adding extensions will provide the necessary length and volume to achieve these beautiful braided hairstyles.


    When braiding, it's best to use products like hairspray or styling cream to keep your braids neat and in place. This not only helps in styling but also protects your hair from breakage and maintains moisture.

    Also, instead of using rubber bands, which can cause breakage, opt for soft, fabric-covered hair ties or bobby pins that match your hair color to secure your braids. This reduces tension and damage to your hair.

    easy braided hairstyles

    Remember, the key to a great braided hairstyle is creativity and precision. Take your time to braid neatly, and don't hesitate to pull at the braids to adjust their tightness or to make them fuller. With practice, you'll be able to master a variety of braided styles that enhance your personal style and suit any occasion.

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