clip-in hair extensions tips from bridal hairstylist.

clip-in hair extensions tips from bridal hairstylist.

w/ wedding stylist Jessalyn Bowser 

tips on how to use clip-ins to create the prefect hairstyle.

 "First a little bit about me. Hi, I’m Jessalyn! I’m an independent hairstylist from Portsmouth NH. My salon is called Bold Hearts Studio and I specialize in wedding hair and rainbow hair. I became a hairstylist because I love creating and connecting with people. I really enjoy creating custom looks for my clients and helping them find their style. With a good amount of my clientele being weddings, I need a high quality extension line with a wide range of options and Irresistible Me is perfect. I recommend them to all my brides. Here are some hair extension tips for brides to be.


Jessalyn Bowser, Bridal Hairstylist

1. do not wait till the day of to try your hair extensions.


Order your extensions so you have them in time for your hair trial. This way your hairstylist can confirm that the color matches and so they can show you exactly how your hair will look on your wedding day. Depending on the hairstyle your hairstylist might need to make adjustments to your extensions. For example if you have face framing angles your extensions need to be cut to blend with your hair.

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2. color matching.

When picking out your hair extensions I recommend either doing an exact color match or going slightly lighter to add highlights. Highlights add dimension to a hairstyle which makes twists and braids pop more.



3. boho, half up half downs, and glam waves need hair extensions.

Boho hairstyles are my absolute favorite hairstyle to do! Especially when dry flower accessories are added, perfection! Because these hairstyles are so intricate a lot of hair is needed to achieve all the braids and twists.

Half up half down hairstyles can look stringy on the bottom if there is not enough hair. This is because most of the hair is used on top, especially if you want a lot of braids.

Glam Waves are very structured and require a lot of hair to create volume and all over fullness.


 4. every hairstyle will look better with hair extensions.

The truth is when you’re scrolling on Pinterest looking at hair photos it’s hard to find a photo of a hairstyle without extensions. So when you show your hairstylist the hairstyle you want they now have to create the same look with half the amount of hair. Unless your one of those gifted few that basically have horse mane, its so long and thick. But for most hair extensions are recommended.



I hope you find these tips helpful and have a wonderful wedding day!

Follow me on instagram at @boldheartsstudio to see my creations."

We want to thank Jessalyn for her amazing insights that will help you navigate this important day! We know how meaningful your wedding is and this is why you should be able to get the most affordable hair extensions on the market! For that, Irresistible Me has your back and if you need any help to prepare this special day, DM us on instagram to get our immidiate assistance.






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