Bridal Hairstyles Trending in 2024.

Bridal Hairstyles Trending in 2024.

Still trying to choose your wedding day hair? This wedding season, get ready to see some of the greatest bridal hairstyles making a comeback.

Lately, there have been so many weddings, and they’ve shown us that when it comes to your wedding hair, you can do whatever you want with the help of hair extensions. And guess what? That’s still the way to go in 2024.



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The hottest bridal hairstyles this year include everything from classy buns and soft curls to the top knots of the 90s. Once you find the style that’s just right for you, do it on your own with a good set of hair extensions or team up with your hairstylist to make it happen. 


Here are the best bridal hairstyles you don't want to miss this year:


1. The Sleek Bun.

This bridal hairstyle has been popularized by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and is perfect for brides who want a clean timeless look that also feels modern. It’s smooth, sits perfectly at the back of the head, and works with most hair lengths.

If you need extra hair volume for your bridal hair, the best choice would be to get a great set of invisible clip-in hair extensions or invisible tape-in hair extensions to give you that full look.

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Wedding hair stylists recommend this sleek bun for brides who would like a minimalist and elegant look. It works exceptionally well with simple hair accessories like a delicate hairpin or a classic veil for that extra touch of bridal charm.


2. Soft Curls.

Soft curls have made a comeback, and they're perfect for the bride who wants a softer, more natural appearance. These curls look like gentle waves that add volume and movement to the hair, and create a dreamy and ethereal vibe.

For added volume and length go for a set of human hair clip in extensions that will feel comfortable and give you that full look of wavy curls:


This bridal hairstyle is ideal if you would like to have a minimalist dress and stand out with the hair. You can also add different hair accessories like hair combs, floral hair pins, or even a flower crown to it.


3. Voluminous Wavy Ponytail.

For the bride who wants to look stunning and feel comfortable on her big day, a wavy ponytail is the perfect hairstyle. It’s full of life and easy to wear, which makes it a great match for any wedding vibe, whether it’s a cozy barn setting or a sleek city venue.

If you're worried about not having the length or volume for this hairstyle, a ponytail human hair extension is the best choice. It's easy to wear and will sit comfortably all day long.


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You can wear this ponytail high up or low down, whatever feels right for you, and add a personal touch with some braids or twists. This hairstyle is also super practical—it keeps your hair neatly away from your face, so you’re free to dance and move around without any fuss. 


4. Bridal Updo/Top Knot.

This hairstyle is perfect for the bold bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Is elegant and comfortable, great for those who love the effortless look. 

Wether you choose an updo or a top knot, you can also rely on a good set of hair extensions, a hair volumizer or even a bun extension to get that extra volume.


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Imagine one of these hairstyles with a sleek silk dress or a v-neck gown and long earrings – absolutely stunning!

Here's a beautiful example made by @jackiewyers on how to get a whimsical wedding braided updo using our Irresistible Me volumizer:


If you feel like your hair is not ready for this event, a human hair wig will always be the stress-free perfect choice. This wig can be styled even a day before and applied on your special day. As long as you're wearing a high quality human hair wig, no one will be able to tell the difference.

On your wedding day, you should feel beautiful, comfortable, and just like yourself. Here’s to a hairstyle that you’ll love as much as your best day! 🥂

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