best early access black friday deals.

best early access black friday deals.

Have you been wondering whether or not to buy hair extensions? Or maybe you thought that they're too expensive at this time. Well, leave those thoughts aside because early access black friday deals are in! And they are here to stay for two whole weeks. 

why shop early access?

With early access black friday deals you'll come across the best prices for your favorite hair extensions and there is a better chance that you will find your favorite set before it starts selling out. In this period of time, you can be the first one to enjoy amazing deals and have fun shopping without the worry of products being out of stock. Have we mentioned you get extra $$ off? 

why hair extensions?

If you've never tried hair extensions before, you need to know that there are quite a few reasons worth mentioning before purchasing.

the perfect solution for hair problems.

If you ever had any experience with hair loss/ hair breakage and you are looking for a solution to mask it, then hair extensions are the answer for you and they work great with thin hair (especially the invisible extensions). They will make you feel just irresistible and they won't do any damage to your natural hair. 

@irresistibleme_hair We just love happy endings❤️. Hair breakage has many different causes, but it feels so good to know that you can always have your #bff around.🦸‍♀️ @dree.o wears #1 Jet Black 20” #clipins ♬ original sound - Irresistible Me

Also, if you want to cover a bad haircut, don't hesitate to find your perfect match within our collections.

they are so versatile.

You can style them in so many ways! And you can try all the fun and cool hairstyles and colors you've pinned in you Pinterest Board.

very easy to apply.

If you take a look at our Instagram and TikTok accounts, you will find lots of tutorials that will help you out with the application process - and you'll find some very cool hairstyles ideas too.

amazing deals. 

The price is so good - especially in this time of the year. Taking into consideration their lifespan, you might re-evaluate their price. If properly taken care of, human hair extensions can last from 6 months to even 1 year. 

See this article for a full guide about the price of hair extensions.

let's dive into the early access black friday deals!

clip in hair extensions - 45% off.

Clip in extensions are the easiest to apply and will give you the extra length and/or volume that you've been dreaming of in just a few minutes. If you don't want to commit to a long-term transformation, this is the best option for you because you can just clip them in and out whenever you feel like it. How cool is that? For early access black friday deals, you will find our classic clip ins at 45% off!

@irresistibleme_hair NEW TO HAIR EXTENSIONS? We got your back girl💅, we drop here one of our FAV hair tutorial just for you. IM babe @bris.mehmeti wears Invisible - shade #2 ♬ original sound - Irresistible Me

If you are one of the lucky curly girls, we have the best curly clip in hair extensions for you - now at 40% off!

 tape in extensions - 40% off.

Tape ins are semi-permanent extensions that are applied with adhesive tape and medicinal glue. They need to be re-applied in 4 to 8 weeks, but in the meantime you don't have to worry about a thing! You can wear them to bed, in the shower or basically everywhere you go without causing any damage to your natural hair. Plus, they are virtually undetectable! 

You can opt for classic tape ins or curly tape-ins, depending on your hair type. You will now find them at 40% off with the early access black friday deals.

ponytail extensions - 50% off.

Are you looking for an instant transformation? Then the ponytail hair extensions is definitely for you. It will elevate your ponytail game in seconds and it looks so effortless and cool.

Don't hesitate to purchase the classic or the curly ponytail extensions at 50% off with the black friday early access deals! 

wigs - 40% off.

Our front lace wigs are so easy to apply & easy to style! You can change your look in seconds. They are made with high quality human hair or synthetic hair - pick your favorite! They also allow you to choose your favorite hairline, as they're 13x4 front lace. You can dye and style them with hot tools (that you will also find at 50% off) just like your own hair. 

@irresistibleme_hair Check out the coolest selection of synthetic wigs on our website 😍 @Daiana #fyp #transformation #wigs #syntheticwig #hairstyle #viraltiktok ♬ Kute & Neat - Sasique

You can find our wigs at 40% off with the early access black friday deals!

the perfect gift.

Finding the perfect present for your loved ones has never been easier with the irresistible gift card you will now find on our website. Holiday season is coming up and you don't have to worry about choosing the right hair product for your friend, family member or significant other - they'll be so happy to pick their ideal gift on their own!

What are you waiting for? Choose your favorites and add to cart. You will not only love the products - we promise you'll love the discounts too. Have fun shopping!

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