best y2k hairstyles for this summer.

best y2k hairstyles for this summer.


If there's a perfect time for you to try out some cool and trendy hair accessories - it's this Summer. You can see claw clips, hair scrunchies and many more all over the Internet since they are such cool pieces that bring a nice touch to your style. 

We've found our favorite hair accessories on Zenchies and in this article we will show you 3 quick and nostalgic hairstyles ideas that you can try out this season!


silk hair scrunchie. 


This popular 80's hair trend is back and now, more than ever, it represents a unique statement to any fashion look. This scrunchie is not only easy to use but it's also super cute. It's made of silk, which is a great material for your hair as it creates no electricity and leaves zero damage. You can use it in oh so many ways! But the half-up half-down hairstyles is our favorite.

To add some more texture to this hairstyle we recommend you using our volumizer weft - that you can simply clip at the base of your hair and will give you just the needed volume.


mini hair claw clips.


These mini claw clips are the essential accessories for your trendy Y2K look. They come in so many colors and shapes! This half up hairstyle is easy to recreate - you only need to section your hair into smaller pieces at the front and then add your cute hair clips.

We recommend you adding clip-in hair extensions for greater volume and length and then using a curling iron to achieve this just irresistible summer hairstyle.


large hair clip.


This claw clip hairstyle is so fresh and functional. Start by sectioning your hair from above the ears and bring it at the back. Twist the section within the hair claw clip and secure it. Leave your bangs at the front if you are looking for more of an effortless look and enjoy your best hair made easy hairstyle with a Y2K vibe.


Looking effortless and cool has never been easier since we discovered these unique hair pieces from Zenchies. The match with our hair extensions is just irresistible! You can make any hairstyle trendy by adding some clip-ins and accessories to your summerish Y2K look.


Check out Zenchies for more versatile and chic hair accessories and share your favorites with us in the comments below or via Instagram/ TikTok.


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