3 easy hairstyles with a french hair pin.

3 easy hairstyles with a french hair pin.


Summer's here and we've come up with this beautiful and useful hair accessory that will have you looking just irresistible for the whole season: the french pin. Make sure to check out our Summer Deals and you'll get it for free with any purchase!


how to use a french pin?



The French hair pin is the trendiest accessory you see all over the internet. Whether you have short hair, long locks or voluminous natural curls, this piece is just perfect for you. We've prepared 3 quick and easy french pin hairstyles that you can try at home. 



half up twisted bun.


step one. Use a wide comb to brush your hair. We recommend you using our curly clip-in hair extensions for a more textured look. 

step two. Section your hair from above both ears and twist the top half into a bun at the back.

step three. Position the french pin by directing the two prongs upwards and diagonal through the bun and secure it. 

A curling iron or hair waver comes in handy if you have straight hair and want to achieve this wavy hairstyle.


  low messy bun.


step one. Add your clip-in hair extensions and gather your hair into a low ponytail. 

step two. Twist the ponytail and pull the ends through to create this twisted bun. 

step three. Pull out small pieces of hair at the front and curl the tendrils to give it more of an effortless vibe. 


half up top knot.


step one. Start off with gathering a section of hair from above your ears and split it into two smaller pieces. 

step two. Clip your favorite hair extensions for greater length and volume.

step three. Twist the two pieces into a knot and repeat the process one more time.

step four. Insert the french hair pin through the knot to secure everything. The hair pin will add this irresistible touch to your look. 

last step. Go over the style and detail it by pulling out sections of the crown to add some more texture and volume.


We are so excited for you to try our new Summer Deal Gift! Don't hesitate to tag us on InstagramTikTok. We would love to see some of your coolest french pin hairstyles.

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