3 ponytail hairstyles with a scarf.

3 ponytail hairstyles with a scarf.


Looking for the perfect 4th of July look? We've got you covered with a selection of 3 ponytail hairstyles where the head scarf makes all the difference. Whether you are choosing a silk scarf, a cashmere scarf or a pattern scarf, these updos for long hair are super easy to whip up last-minute and perfect to make a statement this summer!


high ponytail with a scarf.



Try this classic ponytail hairstyle that's perfect for hot summer days.

step one: Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail.

step two: Add your clip-in ponytail extension to it. If you want to add a little twist and texture to this hairstyle, we recommend our curly ponytail extensions.

step three: Tie the scarf around the base of the ponytail and enjoy the party!


festive scarf bun.


A twist on the original ponytail style, ready in a couple of minutes!

step one: Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail.

step two: Add your clip-in ponytail hair extension and secure everything in place.

step three: Twist and turn the ponytail extension around the base to create this voluminous bun hairstyle.

step four: Wrap the hair scarf around the bun and secure it. 

braided ponytail & scarf.


If you want to go for cute braided hairstyle, incorporating a scarf will elevate it with close to zero effort!

step one: Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your head. 

step two: Add your clip in ponytail extension and secure it.

step three: Tie your hair scarf around the top band of the ponytail and leave the longer part of the scarf under the ponytail.

step four: Section the ponytail into 2 pieces and use the scarf as the third piece for the braid. Start braiding you ponytail along with your silk hair scarf, then secure everything in place.


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It's your time to shine!


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