top 5 met gala hairstyles.

top 5 met gala hairstyles.

This year's Met Gala theme was 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,' honoring one of the most prominent designers of the century. Let's take a look at the most coveted red carpet hairstyles and how to get celebrity hair at home!

1. super long hair.

Naomi Campbell is one of our fav gala hairstyles simply because it is so simple, yet a stunner. Wondering how to get sleek straight hair within minutes? The answer is super long hair extensions, like the 28" goodness you can find on sale right now! Such an easy hairstyle for long hair that is achievable with just clip-in extensions and a good hair straightener, we love it!

2. icy blonde hair.

What's more Karl than his signature hair color? Jessica Chastain nailed it while being super on-trend with this high-maintenance hair color. How to get icy blonde hair with zero damage? Choose a human hair wig that will look 100% natural yet will not put your hair through the bleaching process. Bonus: instant change of style whenever you feel like it!

3. blowout hair.

90s blowout hair is on everybody's lips for a while now and Sydney Sweeney really proved voluminous hair is THE hairstyle for balls. It's your best hair made easy, really, with no heat to damage your hair and just a volumizer weft for extra volume. Best celebrity hair, but for everyday!


4. long braided ponytail.

We're all for a super long braid, but Billie Eilish's long braided ponytail with ribbons and accessories is something else! How to do a braided ponytail that really stands out? Just add a clip in ponytail extension and while plaiting it, insert ribbons, yarn, tinsel or whatever you like to make the long ponytail extension pop.

5. disco curls.

Amanda Seyfried is rocking spring's biggest hair trend: larger-than-life blonde curly hair! If you have 3A curly hair, it's so easy to recreate this look by simply adding some curly clip in hair extensions or curly tape in hair extensions for extra length and volume. If your hair is straight, just use a big barrel curler to get these large curls, or go for hair rollers for a heat-free experience.

We can't talk about celebrity hair without a bonus Gigi Hadid Met Gala hair inspo. This look is so effortless, but it hits in all the right ways. The long cascading mermaid waves combined with a half up topknot bun create a perfectly balanced half up half down hairstyle. If you don't have really thick hair, you can recreate this look in no time with our half up bundle! 

We're dying to know which is the best celebrity hair according to you and what hairstyle you're gonna try, so let us know in the comments!

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