top 3 grammy ponytail hairstyles.

top 3 grammy ponytail hairstyles.

This year’s Grammy Awards took our breath away - especially when it comes to the unconventional beauty looks we have seen on the Red Carpet. We've gathered some of the most outstanding Grammy hairstyles with a special focus on the ponytails that definitely caught our eyes.

Here’s our list of our top 3 grammy ponytail hairstyles that we know you will adore just as much as we did! 


ponytail updo.


Loren Gray slayed on the Red Carpet with her bright and shiny hair. Her hairstylist, Angelina Panelli, used our 613 light blonde clip-in hair extensions, which added this irresistible touch to her elegant updo hairstyle. Bobbypins become your best friends when it comes to this messy updo, as they will set everything in place effortlessly. 


long braided ponytail.


Cheri Moon stepped onto the Grammys 2022 Red Carpet looking flawless with this long braided ponytail hairstyle. Her hairstylist added a twist to her look while portraying a unique ponytail. This high ponytail definitely deserves a Grammy as it looks just irresistible!


long sleek ginger ponytail.

Ginger has become one of the trendiest hair colors this year and Doechii surely knew how to make an entrance with this amazingly long ponytail hairstyle. It represents one of the celebrity best red carpet hairstyles as it makes her whole look stand out. Using a ponytail extension will give this hairstyle the exact extravagant touch we are all hopelessly in love with. Our ponytail collection will suit your hair perfectly as we provide a beautiful range of red colors.


curly ponytail.


Chloe Bailey is definitely our top inspiration when it comes to curly hair. She looked like a disco doll and her ponytail hairstyle completed her fabulous look. When it comes to achieving this Grammy hairstyle we have the best tool you need - our new curly ponytail hair extension. It will not only give you the splendid volume you need but also a natural looking hair as we provide 3A curls.


Which Grammy ponytail look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!  

We'd love to see your Red Carpet inspired looks as well! Share your idea of a glamorous hairstyle with us via InstagramTikTok or email and let’s inspire others as well!   



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