hair trends: messy bun.

hair trends: messy bun.

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Messy buns have been popular for years and they seem to remain trendy. Wearing a messy bun is an effortless way to style your hair. Whether you have long, short, thin, or thick hair, you can use different types of hair extensions to achieve a beautiful messy bun hairstyle. 




what is a messy bun?


A messy bun is a type of updo that involves pulling your hair back into a loose and casual bun.

Unlike a sleek and smooth bun, a messy bun allows some strands of hair to fall out or stick out, creating an effortless look. This look can be achieved either with your hair or with the help of different hair extensions such as clip-ins, ponytails, tape-ins, and messy bun hair extensions.


how to do a messy bun with a bun extension?


If you want to achieve a messy bun look without using your natural hair, you can use messy bun extensions. These hair extensions are easy and convenient to use, as you don’t need to twist or wrap your hair around them. You can also choose from different colors to match your hair and style preferences.



Here's a tutorial on how to do a low messy bun:

- The first step is to put your hair into a bun and secure it with an elastic band to keep it in place. You can also pull out some strands of hair to create more of a messy and undone look.

- Next, you need to attach the messy bun extension to your natural bun. You can do this by inserting the comb of the messy bun extension into your natural bun and securing it firmly. You can also use some bobby pins to adjust the fullness of the bun.




    how to do a messy bun with a ponytail extension?


    If you already have a ponytail hair extension or if you wish to buy one, it's definitely a great idea! This hair extension can be used to achieve a great full and voluminous ponytail but also styled as a messy bun.

    In this video, you will see how to use the ponytail hair extension to achieve the messy bun look:


    @irresistibleme_hair Sophisticated hairstyle💗 using the medium blonde clip-in ponytail #irresistibleme #clipinponytail #messybun #classybun #hair #blonde #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Irresistible Me


    Using a messy bun extension is perfect if you want to add more volume to your bun, or if you have thin hair. This hair hack can save you a lot of time and effort.

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