10 tips on how to care for your clip in hair extensions

by Alice Lixandroiu on January 14, 2019

Taking care of your hair extensions is one of the most important aspects of having hair extensions in the first place.

And it’s true that clip in hair extensions are low maintenance and don’t imply a lot of commitment but at the same time, like everything of value, you have to take care of it if you want it to treat you right! And yes I just said that and made you think about the importance of life and what not with just a sentence because, that’s the way we do it around here, sheering words of wisdom, as a bonus, with every article. You can’t get this type of quality righting anywhere else.

So let’s get down to business and see what you should do if you want your extension to last longer then a few weeks and not look like a wet puppy’s fur!

Taking care of your hair extension is a full process that will test your basic abilities, you only need to follow a few steps but worry not, it’s simple and the results are worth it. 


  1. Brush but don’t rush.

Brushing your extensions must become a regular activity. You don’t have to do it daily if you don’t wear them because that would just be wired, but if you do, brushing before and after is a must. I have no problem with this particular part of taking care of my extensions and I may go a little bit overboard from time to time as they are so soft and silky.  Ok I admit that I maybe forget they are not cute furry pets that need permanent petting.  

While brushing be patient and gentle start from the bottom and after detangling those areas more up and do the same until you finish. Don’t pull hard as that can cause major breakage and you will end up with a set of hair extension that looks less then desirable.   



  1. Wash but don’t over wash.

Clip in hair extension don’t receive moisture from the scalp like our own hair does so try to avoid over washing because that will make them dry. Too much washing damages them unnecessarily so once in four to six weeks seems like the appropriate time to do it. The timeline also depends on were you have taken them or how many styling products you used. We are not saying go cave man on them and wash the once in a blue moon we are just saying in this case less is more. 

If you feel like the thought of your one week unwashed hair extension can let you sleep and you need to do something about it try a dry shampoo in between washes. It will put you at ease and won’t damage your hair.


  1. Condition like a boss!

This step is one of the most important when talking about hair extensions. A regular moisturizing session replenishes the hair with all necessary nourishing ingredients and makes it healthy and shiny. You can also use a lean in conditioner if applying a regular conditioner seems like to much of a hassle. Don’t go overboard though and apply a whole lot of nourishing products as they will make hair look like a lifeless creature, dull and limp.


  1. Always air dry.

We know it’s hard to put down the dryer but in this case you must make a sacrifice. Hair extensions and excessive heat are really, really bad together. Just like sad movies and chocolate you should try not to mix them. So don’t even think about washing your extensions if you have a super busy day and you don’t have time to let them air dry. After washing just run your fingers true them to remove all tangles before letting them dry on a towel. 

If your are a rebel by nature and don’t care for advice or just don’t have the time to let the poor extensions air dry then at least set your device at a minimum heat level and try to minimize the heat exposure around the sensitive areas, you daredevil you!


  1. A little trim never killed anybody.

We know you love your hair extension with the same force you would love your first born and you promise to never let anything bad happen to them from that first moment you put them on till the end of times. Unfortunately life is hard like that sometimes and you won’t be able to protect them forever. No matter what you do your hair extensions will eventually get split ends. No need to cry inconsolably for days as a little trim is all you need. Keep in mind that you only must cut a little and the best bet is to let a professional do it when that time comes. And don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault, we know you did your best and we are not judging! Maybe only the daredevils that blow dry their extensions!   



  1. Fight the heat.

I’m sure despite all your efforts to go cold turkey when it comes to using heated appliances to style your hair you didn’t succeeded. Neither have I! Whatever it’s a curling iron, a flat iron or a blow dryer we all eventually give into temptation. The thing to remember here is those appliances always damage the hair to some extent. Fortunately there are a lot of heat protectors on the market. If you want to make your extensions last remember to always use such products when using any type of heat styling tool on your hair.


  1. Swimming Caps are a must.

Clip in hair extension have the huge advantage of being easy to take off and it’s recommended to do exactly that before jumping into the pool. If you just don’t see yourself without those babies on then you have to take some precaution measures to make sure you don’t do any damage. Two words: swimming caps. We know that they aren’t exactly this season, or any for that matter, hot items but believe us you will appreciate the protection it provides when your hair still looks bankable after a swimming session. Unless you are into the whole trailer park style you must use a cap to protect your hair extensions against the harmful effects of salt and chlorine.


  1. Store them with care.

Show some love to your extension, not just use and abuse them. After usage don’t just rip them out from your head and throw them wherever. The right thing to do is to deposit them in a box that it’s big enough to properly accommodate them. Make sure they are lied down nicely, detangled and not in a pile. 

This practice will also help you not give your poor grandmother a heart attack in the middle of the night when she sees your hair extension all over the floor.


  1. Color them safely.

As far as coloring goes if you have to do it try to do it right. Human hair extension can be colored with no problem but it’s best to leave this particular job to the professionals. Sure it’s not rocket science and you can do it yourself but your stylist has a much higher chance to achieve the right color from the first try. If it makes you feel better you can hover over him while nagging with millions of questions so you know what to do next time. I’m sure he won’t mind! Just remember that the right steps to color extension are to first color your natural hair and only after that color your extension to match that color.   



  1. Detangle with patience.

After a day of use don’t just pull the extension out and immediately store them. Remember to detangle your extension with a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and making your way to the top. Investing in the right tools for hair extension always imposes a wide tooth comb that helps you detangle the knots without damaging the hair. 



So here you have 10 useful tips to help you take care of your extension like a pro. If you have some other tricks up your sleeve that we omitted don’t be shy and spread the wisdom in the comment section.



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