a guide to exercising without ruining your hair.

a guide to exercising without ruining your hair.

Are you still looking to have great hair after your workout? A good sweat sesh can definitely ruin your freshly styled hair. But don’t fret, you can achieve your workout goals while still having fantastic hair.

We’ve gathered some of the best tips for you to mitigate the downsides working out can bring to your hair. Keep reading to see how you can keep your hair healthy while you stay in shape.

preworkout hair treatment.

Saving your hair from sweat starts before you actually work out. A good tip you can follow is using a dry shampoo before your workout. This will help absorb more of your sweat while you exercise. Be sure to use your dry shampoo strategically because dry shampoo can dry out your scalp when used too frequently. 

Another simple solution is to wear a hat during your workouts. Try one of these cute hats that is made for working out and allows women to put their hair in a high pony! Creating a hair wash routine that incorporates dry shampoo, hats, and alternating wash days will help you avoid irritation.

your workout hairstyle.

While you’re working out you might tie back your hair in a tight ponytail or bun. Unfortunately, these tight hairstyles can damage your hair quite easily and can lead to hair loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss from either of these, a quick fix you can try is taking a women’s hair loss pill. Your breakage, shedding, and hair loss will slowly come to a stop when you use this effective treatment.

Two hairstyles that are great for protecting your hair while working out are a high bun, a simple loose braid or even a ponytail if you let it loose. Wearing a high bun keeps your hair out of your face and off your neck. Braids allow your scalp to breathe and prevent sweat from building up. Be sure that when you do these hairstyles you also use non-damaging hair ties. Try finding some silk scrunchies instead!


If you want to look stylish while working out, add your favorite set of hair extensions to recreate these safe hairstyles for working out. Make sure to also check out this article on how to take care of your hair extensions.

postworkout hair treatment.

After your workout, you need to hydrate. Not only will your body need to be replenished with water but your hair will also need some rehydration. So a good solution is to rehydrate by drinking water and applying a topical oil to your hair. Try a hydrating hair oil after your next workout to add instant moisture back to your hair.

Aside from rehydrating, be sure to brush your hair after your workout. Take your hair down from your braids or high bun to let your hair relax. Brushing through your hair will help refresh your hair and get rid of any build-up of sweat or dirt.

Use these pre and post-workout hair tips to keep your hair as healthy as can be while working out. Not only will your hair be protected but it will also look fresh, healthy, and luscious.

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