how to style your clip in ponytail.

how to style your clip in ponytail.

w/ hairstylist Ioana Todoran 

Are you struggling to find beautiful, stress-free, quick hairstyles for your day to day life? Don't worry, hair extensions are here to facilitate your hair life! Let's dig in one of our hairstylists selection of easy, quick and stress free hairstyles with clip-ins ponytails



1. surfside braids.


Begin with a subtle beach wave in the hair, apply texture spray throughout for volume and texture. Start an inverted french braid on one side of your parting at the hairline. Repeat the same braid on the other side of your part, and secure with a clear elastic. Add ponytail and tie a scarf around the ponytail to hide the elastic/top of the ponytail. Secure your style with hairspray and here it is a nice and easy way to style your ponytail.

2. ponytail with a twist.


Add a ponytail, and secure it with leather thread. Take 2 leather threads and start to braid your ponytail. Expand the braid as you go with some molding cream. secure the braid with hairspray. Complete the look with hair perfume.

3. faux fishtail braid ponytail.


Begin by placing the ponytail at the nape area. Secure with an elastic 4 fingers down from the top of the ponytail, turn the section into a topsy tail, use your index fingers and thumbs to make a hole above the elastic and and flip your ponytail up and pull it all the way through. Then, to fan them out and add to volume, you can pinch and pull in your twists. You can repeat this process for 2-3 times to create more toply tails. Secure the hairstyle with texture spray and some hair shine. 


4. quick twist braid:


Place the ponytail extension at the nape of your head. Smooth the hair with a molding cream and divide hair into two. Start to twist your 2 strands away from yourself and once pass it over and hold it in your left hand. Now you get your right hand and get the hair and twist the hairs and pass it over again. Repeat untill you reach the bottom of the ponytail. Secure it with medium hairspray and hair shine.

5. bubble ponytail :


Place your ponytail extension at the nape of your head. place a hair elastic about 4-5 cm below the top of the ponytail. Begin the bubble by grabing each side with your index fingers and push upwards on the under side with your thumbs whil pulling it outwards to create that bubble effect. Repeat with how many bubbles you want, untill you reach the ends of the hair. secure the bubbles with dry texture spray.

Now you never have to run out of inspiration for your quick hairstyles thanks to our irresistible Ioana (instagram: ! Tell us in the comments your favorite one! <3

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