the best black friday deals.

the best black friday deals.

Have you been constantly thinking of buying hair extensions lately? We're guessing your manifestations have been well heard because the biggest sale of the year has finally started! 

Black Friday is here and that can only mean one thing: amazing discounts on every collection. From Nov 23 to Nov 27 you can purchase your favorite hair products at 60% off. 

This special time of the year required a special celebration - so we've come up with the perfect bundles for you! 

half up/ half down bundle.

Create a voluminous half up/half down hairstyle with our volumizer + pony bundle. You can also enjoy the versatility of using the volumizer weft and ponytail on their own for so many different styles! You can dye and style them with hot tools just like your own hair. In this bundle you will find one clip in volumizer weft in 20", 80 g, one clip in ponytail in 20", 95 g and a tester weft to ensure color and length match.

how to apply.


clip ins & pony bundle.

Get the essentials for a stress-free transformation with our limited edition clip-in extensions and ponytail set - you can change your look in seconds! Brush before and after each use starting at the end and moving up in sections towards the base. Condition the ends with hair oil if needed. Always wash and use heat protectant prior to styling.

how to apply.



the perfect gift.

Finding the perfect present for your loved ones has never been easier with the irresistible gift card you will now find on our website. Holiday season is coming up and you don't have to worry about choosing the right hair product for your friend, family member or significant other - they'll be so happy to pick their ideal gift on their own! 

Not convinced yet? Take a look at our beautiful collections. We guarantee an amazing online shopping experience. Don't miss out on the biggest sale of the year! Your hair will thank you.

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