best kylie jenner hair ideas.

best kylie jenner hair ideas.

There's no doubt that Kylie Jenner is the icon of Gen Z. Starting off with her King Kylie era in 2016, she became the it girl of the younger generation due to her original style & glam. Now she is the youngest beauty billionaire in history.

There's no better way to celebrate her 25th birthday, than to take a look at the amazing hairstyles she slayed over the years.

y2k messy bun.

This retro-future look is such an inspiration! I mean, the sunglasses, the dress, the choker - it all comes naturally flawless for King Kylie. The messy bun enhances her look by giving this effortless and cool vibe to her y2k style.

For extra shine, consider adding Essential Oils For Hair Growth.

 mermaid waves.

Favorite beach hairstyle? Here it is. Kylie is known for her voluminous, long hair, but adding side braids to the hairstyle was such a cool touch! Kylie knows that accessories are a girl's best friend and she never misses. It's giving mermaid vibes and we love it.

 super long ponytail.

Are you down for some extra inches? Because Kylie hair is all about it. She is an icon for the younger generation and her hairstyles are always an inspiration for us. This super long ponytail is one of her signature looks and it suits her perfectly.  

If you want to be more sophisticated with your hairstyle, consider adding a ponytail using the african hair braiding technique or tribal braids.

Another unique hairstyle that not many people heard of is the kanekalon hair, which is used used in making synthetic braiding hair.

bob cut. 

Blonde bob cut? You got it! Kylie Jenner is so versatile when it comes to her looks. You never know what color or texture her hair is going to be in her next post - and that is one of the many reasons we let ourselves be inspired by her. Kylie's style motivates us to step out of our comfort zones and find our fiery  beauty senses.


Which Kylie Jenner Hairstyle was your favorite? Let us know in the comments bellow. 

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