how to blend extensions with curly hair.

how to blend extensions with curly hair.


two easy methods.


You have a unique hair texture and find it hard to blend in clip-in hair extensions? You’ve come to the right place! Besides giving you the option of getting 3A, 3C & 4A curly/kinky clip-ins, we’ll show you two different techniques of transforming straight hair extensions into the perfect texture to match your natural curls.


the curling iron method.

 step 1: choose the right barrel size.

Choose a barrel for your curling iron that is the same size as your own curls and set it to a medium-high position.


step 2: clip in the curled extensions.

Apply heat protectant and start curling the clip in hair. We recommend using a hair hanger for better precision. Don’t forget to use some hair spray to fix the curls!


step 3: style the hair.

After clipping in the human hair extensions, rake your fingers through the hair or use a detangling brush to separate each wave and make it look natural.


the heat-free method.


step 1: dampen hair.

Spray your hair and clip in extensions with some water combined with moisturising oil. You want a damp texture, not wet and not completely dry.


step 2: twist.

By using the halo method (t-shirt, headband or silk curling ribbon), create a rope and place it on the middle of your head. Twist your hair strand by strand around the rope and fix the ends with hair ties.


step 3: keep overnight.

Keep the halo in overnight or for a few hours, until your hair is completely dry. Gently remove the halo rope and use your fingers to separate each curl.

The most comfy product we tried is the Beauty Sleep Curler from Luna August. You'll sleep like a baby with it on and you'll wake up with the perfect curls - guaranteed!


Fun fact: the texture of curly hair is actually perfect to hide the clips of the extensions, so the blending process is so much easier!

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HANNAH – It’s true that braiding the hair extensions presents no harm whatsoever to them, but if you can’t find the time to try this method, we recommend you to get professional hair care especially designed for heat protection. These work wonders on natural hair and you’ll be safe when heat styling your hair extensions!


I feel like braiding would be the best solution to not damage the extensions, but I don’t have that amount of time!


CHANTALL – Of course, these techniques apply to any type of hair, you just need to figure out the texture of your natural hair, so you know which way to style your hair extensions. If it doesn’t come out right from the first try, don’t be afraid and do some tests until you get the wave size right!


Does this work with African-American hair textures?


MARIANA It is up to your own preference when it comes to the styling tools you choose. Some people find it easier to work with the automatic curler, some are already used to a curling iron/wand. Beware that the automatic curler doesn’t have a curl size choice, so you should use that only if you have straightened your hair and hair extensions beforehand and curl them all together at the same size. With the curling iron, you can choose the size of the barrel you want to use, so that the curls of the hair extensions perfectly match the size of your own curls.


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