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How to Blend Hair Extensions With Curly Hair

by Alice on March 13, 2020

Are you a curly-haired goddess wondering if clip-in hair extensions work for your hair type? If the answer is YES, you're in the right place. Clip-ins can easily be blended into curly hair. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of applying and blending hair extensions perfectly into naturally textured hair!


One of the downsides of having natural curls in your hair is that it takes longer to grow it out to your desired length, so hair extensions are a good solution if you want to add some extra length or just boost your natural volume. Keep reading to discover two easy methods you can use to blend extensions in curly hair. If you are transitioning to longer hair and you’re not quite there yet, or you just want to add some body to your already long locks, check out these two completely harmless, non-damaging ways of applying hair extensions into curly hair.

can you apply hair extensions in curly hair, blending hair extensions into curly hair

The Curling Method

Step 1:

Wash your hair beforehand and be sure to moisturize thoroughly, as you will need some extra care for your curls. Apply a heat protectant to both your natural hair and the extensions, to make sure they are protected from the heat of the curling iron.

Step 2:

Choose a barrel for your curling iron that is the same size as your own curls and set it to a medium-high position. Start by brushing through the hair extensions set, so you remove any tangles and get a uniform base for the curls.

how to curl your human remy hair extensions, blending hair extensions with curly natural hair

Step 3:

Now you can either start to curl each weft separately and then apply them to your hair, or you can put the hair extensions set in beforehand and curl all the hair together. It’s up to you really, but we recommend using a hair hanger if you decide to curl the wefts before putting them in. This will give you more precision when curling and you can hang it basically anywhere! 

how to curl your hair extensions to match your natural hair, blending hair extensions with natural curly hair

Step 4:

Once all the hair is curled and the extensions are installed, rake your fingers through it or use a detangling brush to separate each wave and make it look natural. Please check out our in-depth guide on how to clip in hair extensions to learn how to easily apply your clip-in extensions 

Another way to 'relax' the curls is to leave them on the hanger overnight and let gravity work its magic! The next step is to just start styling your curly hair as you wish - leave it cascading on your back or try an amazing updo.

Fun fact: the texture of curly hair is actually perfect to hide the clips of the extensions, so the blending process is so much easier then it is when you have straight hair!

how can you blend hair extensions in natural curls, hairstyles for curly hair extensions

The Heat-Free Method

Step 1:

Start by washing your hair and conditioning it with your favorite frizz-free products and dry it out completely. Then next step is to spray the clip-in hair extensions with some water combined with moisturizing oil.

methods of curling your hair extensions, how to curl hair extensions to match your natural hair

Step 2:

Lay out all the wefts and start to braid every weft in small 3-strand braids. If your natural curls are tight, braid the wefts in small strands; if your curls are loose, braid them in larger strands, so that they will match your natural texture once they dry.

how to braid hair extensions to make them curly, curling your hair extensions to match your natural hair, blending hair extensions in natural curls

Step 3:

Let all the wefts dry overnight or for as long as you can until they are completely dry, as this will help them set naturally. If you don’t have the extra time on your hands, blow dry them with an air-dryer after applying some heat protectant and hairspray for extra hold.

how to apply hair extensions in curly hair, can I blend hair extensions with my curly hair

Step 4:

Check the braids and when they are completely dry, start undoing them with the help of a rat tail comb or even your fingers, until the braid is completely undone. At the end of this process, you will have gorgeous wavy wefts, ready to clip in your natural hair!

applying hair extensions in natural wavy hair, how to blend your extensions with your curly hair

Pro Tips

  • If you choose the heat-free method or if you decide to curl your hair extensions separately from your hair, use a hanger to suspend your clip-ins as curling will become so much easier. This is also a great way to store extensions when you aren't wearing them!
  • Before applying each weft to your hair, be sure to tease your hair a bit at the roots, so that the clip-ins have a stronger hold and a more lasting grip.

how to curl your hair extensions heat-free, applying hair extensions in curly hair


  • Always use heat protecting products when working with hot tools, as high heat and repeated heat might damage the 100% Human Natural Remy Hair.
  • Take good care of your hair extensions after styling them - be sure to wash them and use extra conditioning to keep them in good shape!

before and after applying hair extensions in curly hair, how to blend hair extensions with curly hair

No matter which of the two methods you choose for applying hair extensions to curly hair, the result will be so natural that nobody will be able to guess you’re wearing them! 

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by IrresistibleMe on March 24, 2020

HANNAH – It’s true that braiding the hair extensions presents no harm whatsoever to them, but if you can’t find the time to try this method, we recommend you to get professional hair care especially designed for heat protection. These work wonders on natural hair and you’ll be safe when heat styling your hair extensions!

by Hannah on March 24, 2020

I feel like braiding would be the best solution to not damage the extensions, but I don’t have that amount of time!

by IrresistibleMe on March 23, 2020

CHANTALL – Of course, these techniques apply to any type of hair, you just need to figure out the texture of your natural hair, so you know which way to style your hair extensions. If it doesn’t come out right from the first try, don’t be afraid and do some tests until you get the wave size right!

by Chantall on March 23, 2020

Does this work with African-American hair textures?

by IrresistibleMe on March 19, 2020

MARIANA It is up to your own preference when it comes to the styling tools you choose. Some people find it easier to work with the automatic curler, some are already used to a curling iron/wand. Beware that the automatic curler doesn’t have a curl size choice, so you should use that only if you have straightened your hair and hair extensions beforehand and curl them all together at the same size. With the curling iron, you can choose the size of the barrel you want to use, so that the curls of the hair extensions perfectly match the size of your own curls.

by Mariana on March 19, 2020

Isn’t it simpler to just use an automatic curler?

by IrresistibleMe on March 17, 2020

SCARLETT – It really is so practical, for styling AND for storage as well! You can always clip the larger wefts on the hanger, but we mostly recommend keeping your hair extensions in a spacious container, laying flat so that they don’t get tangles and knots.

by Scarlett on March 17, 2020

The hanger seems like such a great idea! Can I keep all my wefts on it?


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