how much are hair extensions.

how much are hair extensions.

It's proven that hair extensions will boost your confidence by giving you what you need: more length, more volume, or both. People often ask about the cost of hair extensions, and we're here to provide the answers.

Before purchasing a set of hair extensions, it's crucial to understand the variety and purposes they serve. Hair extensions, including clip-in hair extensions and tape-in extensions, are not just about adding length; they're about enhancing the volume and texture of your real human hair too. Whether you're looking for a temporary change for a special event with non-permanent hair extensions like halo hair extensions or considering a more permanent hair extensions transformation, there's an option to suit your needs.


The average cost of good, non-permanent hair extensions like halo hair extensions or clip-in extensions is between $200 - $500. On the other hand, permanent hair extensions such as fusion hair extensions or sew-in extensions usually range between $600 - $3000, reflecting the total cost including hair types, quality, maintenance, and application method.

There are factors that contribute to the variety of these prices – such as type of hair, quality, maintenance and application method.

how much are clip in hair extensions?

Prices vary based on the quality of real human hair and the length and weight. For example, the Classic clip-ins: price starts at $140 for 14 inches, 100 grams, and goes up for other lengths and weights. The invisible clip in hair extensions are the best extensions for thin hair, as they lay flat and are virtually undetectable once installed, starting at $165 for the 14 inches, 100 grams sets.


  • The Classic clip ins: price starts at $140 for 14 inches, 100 grams - goes up for other lengths and weights. 
  • The Volumizer Weft: price starts at $120 for 14 inches, 60 grams. 

The invisible clip in hair extensions are the best clip in hair extensions for thinner hair, as they lay flat and are virtually undetectable once installed. 

  • Our invisible extensions start at $165 for the 14 inches, 100 grams sets and the prices go up for longer lengths. 

Always be wary of low priced hair extensions as they tend to have poor quality clips with a weak grip that might cause the human hair extensions to break or fall out, or even damage your natural hair.

Understanding the hair extensions cost is crucial, it often reflects the quality of what you're buying. While fusion extensions might offer a more permanent solution, they can be on the higher end of the price spectrum due to the detailed application process and the need for professional help. On the other hand, clip-in extensions are a more budget-friendly option, allowing for easy application and removal without visiting a salon.

When deciding between human or synthetic hair, remember that human hair extensions typically offer a more natural look and feel, blending seamlessly with your own hair. However, synthetic options can be a less expensive alternative, though they might not last as long or look as natural. Additionally, consider the health of your hair follicles. High-tension styles or poor-quality extensions can put strain on your scalp, potentially leading to damage over time. Always aim for a balance between cost, quality, and safety to ensure the best experience with your hair extensions.


how much are tape in hair extensions?

How much are tape-in hair extensions? Human tape in hair extensions prices also vary depending on quality, length, and weight. Our real human hair tape in extensions come in sets of 50 grams for the shorter lengths and 70 grams for the longer ones, with the price for 50 grams, 14 inches pack at $170, plus salon application costs.

  • The price for a 50 gram, 14 inches pack is $170 and it goes up depending on the length you choose. 
  • Salon application prices can go up to $200. 


Also, we do provide straight or curly hair extensions, depending on your preferences. If you learn how to put them in your natural hair yourself, you’ll spare the application and maintenance fees at the salon. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply tape-ins at home, take a look here.


how much are other types of extensions?

You’ll find that prices for the more permanent types of hair extensions go up quite a bit, depending on the length and application method. Here are some of the most common permanent extensions and their corresponding price range.

When considering fusion hair extensions, sew in extensions, or halo hair extensions, it's important to consider the type of hair and the average cost. The cost of hair extensions can significantly vary, so understanding these aspects can help you budget effectively.

  •  Fusion hair extensions cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 or even more, depending on the salon. 
  • Beaded hair extensions usually range anywhere from $600 to $2500 and their maintenance can cost even $300-$600. 
  • Sew in hair extensions prices can start at $200 with an additional $60 for each separate track of hair sewn in. 

For those concerned about hair loss, synthetic hair might not be the best option due to its inability to blend seamlessly with natural hair textures. Instead, real human hair extensions provide a natural look and feel, ideal for all hair types.

It's always smart to do your homework before you buy, especially when it comes to hair extensions. Keep in mind key factors like opting for human hair extensions for the most natural look and feel. If you're not ready for a long-term commitment, non-permanent hair extensions could be the way to go. They offer flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to change up your look without any permanent alterations to your hair. Among these, clip-in hair extensions are incredibly popular because they're easy to use and can be applied or removed whenever you like, offering both versatility and convenience.

By being aware of how the prices for hair extensions are influenced by factors like hair types, real human hair quality, and type of hair extensions, you'll be able to make the best decisions according to the look you’re after within your budget limit!


I found cheap human hair extensions on AliExpress, do you think it’s ok to buy those?


KARLA – We would say that anything over this amount of money is too much, even for remy human hair. There are lots of good quality clip ins sets up to this price that look and feel perfectly natural and that you can enjoy safely. Bigger prices are usually a consequence of brand awareness and of collaborations with high positioned influencers and they do not refer only to the quality of the hair per se.


Is it normal to pay more than $400 for clip ins?


BRIGITTE – More permanent types of hair extensions need to be applied by an expert and they require special tools and equipment that also add to the price. They also take longer to put it, so you will pay for the amount of time the hair specialist invests in the procedure.


Why are permanent extensions so expensive?


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