christmas hairstyles with extensions.

christmas hairstyles with extensions.

Whether it's a cozy get together or an elegant party, the winter holidays call for gorgeous hairstyles. If you want to create a unique hairdo for Christmas, human hair extensions will give you volume and also length so you can make an unforgettable appearance. 

We've put together a list of our favorite festive hairstyles with natural hair extensions, so you can choose whatever best suits your winter holiday plans!


festive scarf curls. 

@irresistibleme_hair Winter holidays call for gorgeous hairstyles😍 @daniwalker #fyp #winter #hairstyle #winterishere #hairextensions ♬ Winter Christmas Dance Track - AtagoSounds

Grab your favorite scarf for this Blair Waldorf moment! To recreate this hairstyle, you will need your irresistible set of clip in hair extensions. Apply them like you would normally do and curl them for a more magical look. Wrap your scarf around like a headband and tie it at the back. This easy hairstyle will have you looking so put together all day long!

snowbunny braids.

There's no Christmas without a french braid hairstyle - and this snowbunny look has got to be our favorite. Apply your real hair extensions to create this extra volume effect and section your hair in two sides. Start french braiding each side - and you can add a little bow tie at the ends for a more festive touch. Oh, and darling - it's cold outside! Don't forget your earmuffs.

merry half up.

@irresistibleme_hair Festive half up hairstyle😍 @oliviasworld95_ #christmas #hairstyle #winterishere #hairextensions ♬ original sound - Irresistible Me 

What better way to be stylish and worry-free than with a half up half down bundle? This hairstyle looks amazing with any type of hair and will add just the extra volume you need in your life - right in time for the holidays! Our ponytail extension & volumizer bundle will make sure to have you looking glamorous all day and all night!


just irresistible hair sparkler.


@irresistibleme_hair A sparkling moment✨ #hair #hairsparkles #sparkle #hairproducts #christmas ♬ original sound - noctiscaelumlucis


Special times require extra shine. Let your hair be dazzled in rhinestones this holiday season with our irresistible hair sparkler. It will set the mood for the best Christmas themed hairstyles and no doubt that it will make you look unforgettable.   

We're sure you've got your winter essentials already - all you need to do left is to make sure you're hair will also get a special gift this year! Trust that natural hair extensions will give you that boost of confidence that will light up the party once you show up! 


CRISTA – Indeed, nothing beats simplicity and the use of special wintery elements definitely make for an amazing Xmas hairdo!


Literally the easiest and most spectacular hairdo this year – a full set of your Royal extensions that I curled and I just added some mistletoe: perfection!!


PIPPA – So glad we could be of service! We’re happy you decided to go with our extensions for such beautiful occassions!


This article was so helpful, I really didn’t know what to do for Christmas & NY’s eve but I knew for sure I wanted to use my IM extensions so this was spot on!!! Congrats!


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