achieving #healthyhairgoals.

achieving #healthyhairgoals.

w/ hairstylist Crystal Harrell.

 a stylist's guide to maintaining gorgeous hair.

#Healthyhairgoals: the trendy hashtag that you see on every hair-related Instagram post. But what does it really mean? We asked one of our irresisitble hairstylists Crystal Harrell to help us help you achieve your #healthyhairgoals. 

Crystal Harrell is  a natural hairstylist specializing in hair color. She is located in Belton, TX, servicing the Central Texas area. Vivid hair coloring is her passion and she tells us that it's also the reason she decided to get her Cosmetology License. You can check out her work on her Instagram profile @_prettynslayed_ and her TikTok @prettynslayed. Let's see her tips and tricks to achieve your hair goals! 

maintaining hair health: the foundation of beautiful hair.

"As a hair stylist, when a new client comes in for a color consultation it’s my job to make sure that their hair is healthy enough for the color process. One thing I do immediately during this consultation is touch their hair. This is because I’m looking to see how it feels in my hands and see how hydrated their hair feels and how the scalp looks. When it comes to hydrating hair that process begins at the shampoo bowl and what you are washing your hair with makes a huge difference. For my curly hair clients for example they would want to be using a moisturizing shampoo. I always say if your hair doesn’t feel soft after a shampoo you are using too harsh of a shampoo.", Crystal shares. 

the importance of protecting bonds and preventing damage.

"Our hair is made up of hydrogen, ionic, and covalent bonds and one way of damaging our hair is by breaking those bonds. You can do this in a lot of different ways which include excessive heat styling, and chemical services. There are lots of products on the market to help repair the bonds in your hair but the most important thing to do is to stop whatever is damaging the hair to begin with. Split ends are also an issue with hair health and length retention. Your hair will grow but if you never cut your split ends off then they will continue to split up the shaft. When that happens your hair will break and you will continue to see no growth."

enhancing your hair care journey with extensions.

Hair extensions can be an excellent addition to your healthy hair regimen, providing versatility and enhancing your natural beauty. When selecting hair extensions, prioritize high-quality options like those we offer at Irresistible Me. These extensions are made from premium, ethically sourced human hair, ensuring a seamless blend and a natural look.

By incorporating extensions, you can experiment with different hairstyles, protect your natural hair from excessive styling, and embrace transformative looks without compromising your hair's health. Irresistible Me offers a range of extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, volumizer weft, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs catering to various preferences and lifestyles. Remember, it's crucial to follow the proper care instructions for your extensions to maintain their quality and prolong their lifespan.

"Reaching your healthy hair goal is a journey. You can literally damage your hair in seconds but the process to build your hair back takes time and patience. Remember to always find the shampoo, conditioner, and products that work best for your hair to start the process right. We want hydrated hair so our hair can thrive. Please continue to follow my journey as I slay clients with amazing colors while keeping their hair healthy during the process", Crystal concludes. 

Embarking on your healthy hair journey requires patience, dedication, and the right tools. By prioritizing hydration, protecting your hair's bonds, and regularly trimming split ends, you'll set a solid foundation for long-lasting hair health. Additionally, incorporating high-quality hair extensions from Irresistible Me allows you to enjoy the benefits of added length, volume, and versatility while keeping your natural hair healthy and thriving.

Together, let's slay the hair game, flaunting vibrant colors and fabulous styles, all while nurturing our hair to its fullest potential. Stay tuned for more expert tips and insights to achieve your #HealthyHairGoals. Remember, your hair deserves all the love and care in the world, and you deserve to feel confident and beautiful every day!

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