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Hair Bangs - Natural Black (#1B)
Hair Bangs - Natural Black (#1B)
Hair Bangs - Natural Black (#1B)
Hair Bangs - Natural Black (#1B)

    Hair Bangs - Natural Black (#1B)

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      These 100% human hair bangs are ideal to change your hairstyle in seconds. The Irresistible Me clip-in bangs look and feel just like your own hair and you can style them with your own hair. The fringe has longer layers on the sides to help it blend seamlessly. Flat iron them straight or add a wave for a look that is incredibly realistic without permanently cutting your hair.

      Like all other natural hair extensions, you can cut, wash, dye or style the bangs as you wish!

      Clip in bangs are easy to apply, lightweight, and non-damaging for a look as versatile as you want it!

      We offer two types of density:

      • Medium Density (100%): The low density is recommended if your hair is thin/medium or if you do not want a voluminous bang. Provided with 1 snap clip.
      • Thick Density (150%): This thickness is for people who already have full hair and need a fringe that will match that. The thicker bangs are provided with 2 snap clips.

      How to apply the bang:

      1. Part your hair down the centre. This moves your hair out of the way, so when you apply the bang, it sits flat against your head. You can even push your real hair behind your ear while you apply it, so it's out of your face.
      2. Pop open the pressure-sensitive clip(s).
      3. Move the clip-in bang back toward the crown of your head along your parting. Keep moving it back until the ends of the fringe line up where you want them to fall along your brows.
      4. For the medium density bangs, slide the front clip into your front hairline and snap the clip closed. For the thick density bangs, slide one of the clips so that it’s parallel to your part and snap the clip closed. Slide the second clip into position so that the hairpiece lies flat.
      5. Brush and style the fringe so that it will blend into your haircut perfectly
      • 100% Remy human hair extensions
      • Composition: 1 piece containing one clip in bang available in two densities
      • Length: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
      • Density 100% / 150%
      • Type / Texture: Clip-ins / Straight